Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This is what I find fun now

Today I finished my last big project for Oilo!  (I have two more crib sheets but those are super easy)  I have so much that I plan to do with my "free" time now.  "Free" because Olivia doesn't nap anymore and Axel only takes one, so . . . I'm pretty busy with kids.  But here are some things I'm excited about in the future!

-My own shop!  My fabric samples should be arriving any day from Spoonflower and I'm hopeful that they'll turn out like I imagine and I can get ordering and start working on new things for my own little company.

-Painting Olivia's room!  I'm planning to paint her room white and do a gold polka dot pattern on one wall (or maybe a hexagon???  I'm trying to decide how I would do that one)  Her bedroom is going to be blush and gold with a underlying ballet theme.  Not because I danced ballet (except that one year in second grade) but because of some art work I got from my great-grandma and my grandma. 
One of the pictures.  On the bottom is the note my grandma wrote on the back.  Ireta was her mother-in-law, my grandpa's mother.

-Finishing my hex shelves for my living room.

-Filling my gallery wall with actual art.  Currently I have 7 of 12 filled, the other five have IKEA printed all over them still. 

-Buy a couch!  Okay, that one is waiting more on funds than time, but we're close to saving up enough for the couch I want.  I just have to convince Adam.  He'll need to shop for about 6 months before making a decision so. . .

-Organize, organize, organize! Toys, clothes, old crap.  It's all going to the thrift store.  Nothing is safe. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

One of the first things I ever bought Olivia (before she was even born) was an Easter dress from Old Navy.  But other than her yearly new dress, we haven't really celebrated Easter at our house.  I just knew she wouldn't care about an Easter basket and I didn't want her to have any candy before she turned 5 (obviously I caved).  This was the first year the Easter Bunny came to our house.  And since I have a phobia of masks, we may never visit the Easter Bunny like we do Santa.

Saturday Olivia and I were still in bed at 8:30 (Olivia had been up since 6:30), Axel was still sound asleep, and my friend texted me to see if we wanted to meet at the city Easter egg hunt.  I wasn't planning on it, and getting two kids ready so quickly seemed like an impossible task, but it was so nice out we gave it a shot.  We were actually early and got to play at the park a little bit before the hunt!

She was really happy, despite what this picture seems to convey!

Olivia was really amused with this mom and her DSLR. 
Okay I admit, so was I.  Her daughter could seriously not care less.

Later we went back to the park with Adam.  That is one thing about Axel quitting his morning nap that I actually like.  We have a little more time to do things during the day.

She thought it was so cool to wear dad's hat!

Axel hasn't done is mean face in a long time, I was happy to capture it on camera!
And this is our Easter Bunny haul:

The nice thing about having 1pm church is that there is a little time for pictures before (because after church the kids clothes are practically falling apart and they don't have any hair left) Being on time to church (instead of 15 min early) meant that we had to sit in the chairs instead of the pews and I spent all of sacrament meeting chasing Axel.  But these pics are worth it!
I guess if we were going for that 80's trend of looking off into the distance. . .

No sibling love here.

Axel got stood up.

Axel's face in this picture is my favorite thing ever.

Waiting to get off the rock.

Happy Easter everyone!! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

A very short post about being confident in your body

One of my favorite outfits

Tonight I went to a dinner party at church.  There was a really cute girl there that had a baby a couple months ago.  Her hair was cute, her makeup was cute, and her outfit was cute.  And she totally still had a belly.  I wanted to tell her how awesome I thought she was, but that would have been awkward.  I wanted to say, thanks for being confident in yourself even though you're not a size two.  It helps me want to have more confidence in myself.  It helps me realize that no one is judging me as harshly as I am judging myself.  I'm so grateful that she could do that for me.  I hope I can do that for someone else. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Grocery shopping with two kids- a step-by-step guide

There were a LOT of things I was scared to do with two kids.  The other day I needed something at IKEA so I decided to make a day of it and get lunch as well.  Suddenly there I was eating lunch in public with my two kids totally alone (well, with out any adults to help) and totally chill about it!  I've come a long way.

But in the beginning it wasn't so, and the biggest fear was grocery shopping.  Because we need to eat!  And I don't want to waste my child free time by grocery shopping, so I wanted to do it with my kids.  I just wanted someone to tell me how they did it.  It seemed impossible.  Of course we just did it and figured it out along the way, and you can do that too.  Or you can read this post.

1. Park next to a shopping cart return.  It doesn't matter how far from the store you are, you need a cart to get you in.  Especially if your older child is a runner.

2. Hopefully there are carts in the cart return.  I've only had a problem finding carts like twice.  And you can sometimes wait around for someone to finish loading their groceries and offer to take the cart off their hands.

3. When your baby is a baby, keep them in their car seat and balance it on the back of the cart.  Some people say this is dangerous.  Do not push your cart really really fast and let go.  That might make it dangerous.  I am always right there, so I don't find it dangerous.  When your baby is older and can sit alone you can put them in the front seat and your older kid in the back.  Olivia thinks its so cool to sit in the back right now.

4. Have a list because you're never going to remember what you need when your kids are trying to sample the lemons.

5. Have a checker help you out to your car if you want.  I never do because I'm really stubborn.  But it doesn't really matter because your parked next to a cart return anyway.

6. If it's hot in the car, put the groceries away first.  If it's cold outside put the kids in the car first.  Always put their safety first.  Then the food.  Then quickly return the cart.

7. Unload the kids.  Get them a snack or put them to bed or put on a show.  Unload the groceries.

Now that I have two, shopping with one seems so easy.  When I have three, will shopping with two seem that way?  By the time I have three kids, Olivia will probably be in kindergarten.  But still, anyone have any tips for shopping with three kids?  ;)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What Would You Do With. . . 1 Dozen Eggs????

It's April!  It's spring!  I love this time of year and remembering my sweet Olivia as a new born.  I honestly have very little memory of her as a baby, but I remember the spring when she was new.  New life. . . Easter. . . Easter eggs.

So we thought it would be fun to see what you (and I) would do with 1 dozen eggs.
I wanted to try the ideas from this pin and make some natural dyes.  But time got away from me and I found myself at the grocery store on Saturday before this post was due.  And so I turned to my usual PAAS coloring kit.

It. Was. So. Fun.

But first let's account for the dozen eggs.  1 got used for crepes on Sunday morning because we needed four eggs, and I only had three left in my carton.  So Adam stole from my blog project.  1 egg broke while boiling.  That left us with ten eggs to color.

After they were colored I ate a few with my lunches, and Olivia ate a few with her lunches.  Let me tell you the yummiest egg salad ever.  Mix one perfectly ripe avocado with one or two diced hard boiled eggs.  Spread on whole wheat toast.  Perfection.  I keep wanting to call it vegan egg salad, because no mayo, but then I remember that there are eggs in it.  So. . . not vegan.

Olivia is at a great stage in life where she really enjoyed this.  We put the tablets in the vinegar and the fizzed and she just thought it was so cool.  She was also pretty content to let her dad do the dying, which I'm sure will not be the case in future years so I was happy that it was fairly mess free!
Our cups of dye all set out.

The little brother.  So content now that he doesn't have an ear ache.

So excited to dye Easter eggs!

In her plastic craft apron.

1. My egg, I was going for a coral and it turned out more orange :(  2. My other egg, I wanted a light blue and bingo.  3. Yellow with stickers.

1. Adam's half and half egg, with stickers courtesy of O.  2. A solid green egg that we let soak for a loooong time.  3. A solid red egg.

1. Giving your child a white crayon on a white egg is one of those times you can feel like you know magic.  Olivia was so impressed with what happened when we dyed the egg she colored on!  2. Adam did this one too and I think it turned out beautifully!  Half green, half purple and they overlap in the middle.

1. Adam's idea to dye an egg in three different colors. (yellow, blue and purple I think) 2. Half purple, half blue.

Don't you wish that hard boiled eggs didn't need refrigeration?  Well, don't worry, this was just for a picture. I put them back in the fridge.
Funny story before we end.  As a kid I spent the night at my best friend's house, just down the street a lot.  One day I came home after eating breakfast with her family only to find out that my family had made hard boiled eggs for breakfast.  What!?!?!  With out me?  How rude.  I went on and on about how jealous I was.  When my dad asked me what I had for breakfast I said, "Only pancakes and bacon and hash browns." (or something equally yummy, I can't really remember) So yeah, I really like eggs.

And next month the theme is flowers.  Yep, just flowers.  Real, silk, paper, fabric. . . super general so you can make it what ever you want!!

We would love to have you link up ANY Easter egg posts, not just recent ones and not just specific What Would You Do posts.  

Monday, April 7, 2014

Mysterious Illnesses

So I'm here!  I'm alive!  I know you guys worry about me (sarcasm).

Sometimes I have anxiety attacks.  And what I think is causing them isn't always causing them.  I got really stressed with a work project for Oilo and freaked the heck out.  So I quit.  And then caved.  One last project.  This cot in this fabric.
I'm making the fabric portion of this cot. . .
In this BEAUTIFUL fabric.  Don't you love it???

But on Wednesday things came to an all time bad.  Axel threw up his milk before eating breakfast.  He still seemed hungry (not like a stomach flu) so I fed him his oatmeal.  He threw it all up and it was very scary because he couldn't breathe, and he couldn't stop.  We had plans for a play date that morning and Axel threw up all over me so thoroughly that I had to change everything.  As soon as I got my clothes stripped off, my door bell rang.  I threw on my bathrobe and answered the door.  I felt so bad telling my friend that I couldn't take her daughter that morning. 

As soon as my friend left I called the doctor and made an appointment for Axel that afternoon.  He ate lunch after his nap and kept it all down.  He seemed happy and cheerful, I almost canceled the appointment.  But I thought we might as well go and get things checked out.

Axel has had an ear ache for probably three or more weeks.  The ear infection fed his cold causing him to gag on mucus (and throw up almost daily), and causing his eye to occasionally goop up.  He was very happy in California, though he still had some moments of clingy-ness, but the week before we left and the week since we've been back he has been incredibly whiny and sad. 
Despite the cute face, this is Axel being incredibly whiny and sad.
Last night he'd been on antibiotics for four days.  I forgot what fun he could be when he wasn't constantly crying to be held.  I let him stay up 30 extra minutes because I just couldn't put a happy boy to bed.  

And that's when I realized that working for Oilo wasn't the only cause of my anxiety attacks, but Axel's health problems were as well. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I might start blogging again.

(And on Wednesday I'll be blogging April's What Would You Do With. . . 1 dozen eggs.  Join us, wont you???)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Five Little Confessions: Mom Edition

I have been awful about reminding you guys, but it's the first Wednesday of the month which means: Five Little Confessions!!  This month Jacq and I are hosting, and I hope you guys link up too!!

My kids just LOVE their vegetables.  They hate watching TV and both learned sign language at 8 months.  NOT.

Being a mom is hard and it's even harder when we think everyone else is perfect.  So I wanted to do my five little confessions about my parenting.

1. I think ignoring my children occasionally helps foster their independence and creativity.  When I'm around they don't play as well, they climb on me and they whine.  When I'm ignoring them (maybe doing laundry, maybe playing a game on the iPad) they interact well, they make up their own songs and they play independently!
Playing together, making a mess, while I ignore them to make dinner.  Don't worry, I kept them away from the cleaners.

2. Today I bought Olivia bubble gum even though I knew she would swallow it.

3. We have watched Frozen every day for a week.

4. I have a favorite child.  It's just not the same one every day ;)

5. I know I need to put lotion on my babies but I worry that they will be cold if I do it before bed and I never remember to do it in the morning.  So dry skin all around (because when do I have time for that?  I get less than five minutes for a shower!)

I know there are worse things I do, but I can't remember right now and I haven't been writing them down all month like I should have!!  So I'm going to commit to next months theme right now so I can start jotting down ideas when I have them.  Next month I'm going to confess to you about my make up and beauty routine.  Or lack there of. . .

I hope you wrote your confessions to link up!!!