Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What would you do with . . . a floral print?

Hi! Welcome to the one day a month I still blog!  You can always follow me on instagram at @shopolivethethings or @olive_thethings if you totes miss me.  I post a lot more there :)
Aubrey and I are asking you (and each other!) "What would you do with a floral print?"

I don't have a lot of florals in my closet, but I do love them for spring.  I needed (still a work in progress actually) a wardrobe overhaul soooo bad.  So I headed to the thrift store for some floral print fun.  Check out @thedailymer on instagram to see my awesome friend Meredith and her thrifting genius.  I was hoping to have some of her luck/fashion sense when I went shopping.  

I think I did pretty good!  This was my only floral print item haha!  I have like 10000 pajama pants but these were so soft and I love the color.  Maybe I could make them into a maxi skirt?  Or more likely I'll just keep them to lounge in.

This is my "look at how flat my stomach is getting" pose.

And this isn't really a floral, but the pretty coral color and ruffles make it feel like a floral to me :)

I feel like this picture looks like me, how I imagine I really look.  I know it's weird that it's blurry and I'm in the middle of saying something.  Maybe I just wasn't made for high def cameras and face forward shots!

Next month we'll be doing strawberries!!  This is my favorite food, so I'm really excited!

Now go check out what Aubrey did with florals!  She always has the best outfits!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What Would You Do with. . . Gold Glitter??

Happy March!!  Can you believe how fast the year is going!  And I thought last year went fast.  Every year is faster, I tell ya.

This month Aubrey and I are playing with gold glitter!

Initially I wanted to get some really cool gold glitter fabric and make a limited edition item for my shop.  But I took a babysitting job, agreed to judge an FCCLA competition and got the MOST wicked flu ever.  So I'm. . . kinda cheating :(  (again!)

My very first Olive the Things outfit was these gold glitter leggings and glitter onesie.  And they're still in my shop while supplies last!  I love using spoonflower for my printed fabrics, but I love using fun metallics I find at the fabric store as well. 

So sorry I didn't do anything new!!  But I do want to see what gold glitter projects you have going on!  Link 'em up!  Even if they're not new, we'd still love to see them!

And our upcoming months are!!!
April: Floral print fashion post
May: Strawberries

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What Would You Do. . . for Date Night?

Aubrey's goal this month is to focus on love, so we decided to plan dates for our monthly link up!!
When we were dating I introduced Adam to the wonderful world of sushi, and he has become a huge fan!  So for our ultimate date, we would definitely get some sushi.

We would probably invite some friends.  Adam really loves our friends Brandy and Tony, and though we haven't been able to meet up with them in a LOOOOONG time, I know our ultimate date would have to include them.

Next we would probably hit up a movie.  That might sound dull to most, but after a year of breastfeeding Axel we were kind of out of the habit of going to movies.  We're just starting to get babysitters and go out to the movies again!

And then for dessert we would definitely get some Red Mango fro-yo.  It's been Adam's favorite dessert place since we were dating, and I liked it a lot.  Once they added their sweeter flavors (hello chocolate!!) I've been just as in love with it as he has!

For Valentine's Day we don't go out (thanks to the weirdest V Day ever here) and so I do a special family dinner.  I pull out all the stops and don't give myself a budget.  It's always cheaper than eating out, even if I spend like $30 on the whole meal.  This year we had brisket, baked potatoes and ceasar salad.  Not my fanciest, but maybe my yummiest!!  :)

Next month we're doing What Would You Do With GOLD GLITTER.  I am so excited.  Please join us and link up!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What would you do with . . . basic black leggings??

Today is the second Wednesday of the month so Aubrey and I have our link up for what would you do!
There's one thing I love about winter and it's MINI SKIRTS!!!!  Huh??  Well since I'm LDS and I've been through the temple, I can't wear clothing above my knee, shorts or skirts.  But in the winter, I can layer to stay warm, and that means mini skirts over leggings!  And I love it.

But I did not take a picture of that for today.  Ha!  I faced my fears and wore leggings as pants.  Although it helped that these are actually yoga pants.  I like how yoga pants are thicker and have a wider waist band than most leggings I have encountered.

So this isn't super innovative fashion, but it's what I would do, not what I'm telling you to do ;) 

Link up your fashion posts with leggings!  And join us next month for What Would You Do on a date night!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Word

So I've done my resolutions in a couple different ways the past few years.  In 2013 I did a goal each month.  I actually worked on all of them, accomplished most of them!  In 2014 I wrote a goal for each quarter and I did NONE of them.  Eek! 

This year I want to pick a word to focus on all year, but work on a different aspect of it each month.  I hope this will work better than last year!! 

So I gave it very little thought (because it just sort of popped into my mind) and I came up with. . .

This year I want to grow my business, grow my family and grow my spirituality.  I'm starting with the last one in January by reading the Book of Mormon in one month.  At least that's the plan.  18 pages a day is no joke!! 

Anyway, Happy New Year!!!!  I'll try and stop by this place as often as I can, but in order for somethings to grow, other things have to shrink. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What would you do with Gingerbread?

Today is the second Wednesday of the month so Aubrey and I have our link up for what would you do!
We made our annual pepparkaka hus (gingerbread house) using a set from IKEA and leftover candy from Halloween!  A few days after Halloween I went through the candy bucket and pulled out anything I thought would be good for our ginger bread house.  I wanted to buy some peppermint sticks to use also, but we didn't get around to it.  Oh well!

Adam doesn't like to waste frosting.  So he made it snow at our house!  Hahaha!!

Then I wanted to make my "clean" pumpkin bread into gingerbread.  This was not super successful.  Oh it's totally yummy, just not very gingerbread tasting.  More like really rich spice cake.  I swapped the pumpkin for applesauce, the honey for molasses and the spices for ginger and a little pumpkin pie spice.  And I still put in chocolate chips!  Any ideas for making it taste more like gingerbread???

Next month we're rocking chic winter fashion by styling our yoga pants or basic black leggings.  Join us!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

What "work from home mom" looks like to me

Just doing some Saturday night sewing while Adam wrestles the kids in their bedrooms right by my desk.
How much work do you have to do to be a work from home mom?  Am I even allowed to write this post?  Well, I'm going to anyway.  Truth is I make about 4-10 baby/toddler clothing items a week.  Which is way more than I thought I would be capable of in the beginning!  But it looks like we do get faster at things the more times we do them, go figure.

So I thought it would be fun to document my day.  Because people act like it's so hard to do this, but it's really not so hard.  And that makes me think maybe I'm doing it wrong???  You tell me.

Between 6-7am Olivia comes in my room (writing this at 7:15 on a Friday morning and no sign of her!  This is going to be a good day) and we snuggle and watch netflix until I get up the will to live shower.  I shower and she keeps watching what she's watching.  This week it's Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, but only the Donald Duck part!

After I shower and dress (I only wash my hair on Sunday and Wednesday) we're downstairs for breakfast.  Olivia eats "plain oatmeal" (raw oatmeal with milk and brown sugar) and I make a pot of cooked oatmeal for Axel, and maybe me depending on how much he wants to eat.  I drink two glasses of water before I eat anything (but that belongs in my diet post, not my work post.  Sorry) I also unload the dishwasher from the night before so that my dirty dishes have somewhere to go.  This system is my favorite.

Axel gets up around 8 if it's a preschool day.  I get the feeling he doesn't enjoy this.  If left alone he'll sleep until 9 sometimes (He did today!).  He eats, Olivia gets dressed for school and we're out the door by 8:55 (and even then sometimes we're early.)

Now I have two free hours with the worlds easiest one-year-old.  So I lock the baby gate and he plays while I sew (my work station is in the hallway right next to the two kid bedrooms so we're all sort of in the same space but still separate enough to not bug each other)  Yesterday I had no orders (except for five orders, but no sweatshirt fleece yet, thanks to the longest wait ever from!) so it was just me and Axel time.  We read all of his books and snuggled.  When I do sew I keep his pants next to me, and if he comes over to pull out the fabric scraps from my serger, I ask "are you ready to get dressed?" and he runs away to play. 

After preschool is lunch time.  yep.

After lunch we play for a little bit or watch a little show.  Axel takes a nap at 1.  Olivia only gets 1 1/2 hours of quiet time, so we have alone time before or after quiet time, just depends.  Yesterday we played play doh for an hour and then she had quiet time and fell asleep.  During this time I either sew or cut.  I love to cut while watching TV, it's my favorite.

When the kids are up, we hang out together, wait for dad to come home OR we have a babysitter and I do more work, like run to the post office or draft a new pattern.  Then around 4:30 or 5, Olivia and I cook dinner while Adam tries to keep Axel from screaming.  He never eats dinner, but if he's not throwing food on the floor by 5 or 5:30 watch out!

We eat dinner and then one parent takes the kids to play or bathe and the other cleans the kitchen.  Usually I do the kitchen because I need a break from kids.  After that I put Olivia to bed and Adam takes Axel.  Always.  Olivia and I like to read for 30 minutes or so.  We just finished the Kirsten American Girl books.

And then I work some more.  I sew if I need to sew, but usually I cut out a lot of stuff while we watch TV together.  If I can get everything cut out at night sewing is so much easier during the day.  I go to bed at like 10pm. 

Somedays, if I have no orders or I just need it, I announce it's a no work day.  And then all the times I wrote about working, I usually do some cleaning.  My house may not be perfect, but I really need some order.  Downstairs is always 10 (kid free) minutes away from being spotless, even if that means hiding all the clutter in the stair well.

And if things get overwhelming, Adam takes the kids for few hours on Saturday and that's usually all I need to catch up.  It will be interesting to see how I handle things as my business grows.

I don't feel guilty working while my children play in the next room over, because I worked full time when Olivia was a baby so I know what a privileged it is just to be near them.  I still change the poopy diapers and I can always stop what I'm doing to give a hug and kiss the owie.  I think for now, it's the perfect set up.