Thursday, June 14, 2012

Worst. Date. Ever. part 2

(just some advice, if you ever decide to write a "to be continued" post, write the whole thing out and just post part.  That way, if life suddenly gets busy/you have to adjust to a new routine, your readers don't have to wait for three weeks!)

Part One, in case you missed it.

This is not the guy I went out with, but if you need to picture someone, picture this jerk.

So here I am on my date with Kalon a boy whose name I can't remember, that had his friend ask me out.  We just finished watching the BYU Folk Dance Teams perform and they were amazing.  Best thing about the date.  My original plan for that evening was to visit my roommate at work and have some dinner.  I must have told this guy because he suggested we should still do that.  My roommate Becky worked at a Thai restaurant near campus so we drove over. 

They weren't very busy that night so when Becky had a second she sat down to visit.  She later told me I looked like I was having an awful time and she wanted to give me a break!  Awesome roommate.  She asked if he had served an LDS mission, and he had in Finland.  She asked: "Do you still read the Book of Mormon in Finish?"  And I just started laughing!  I thought she was asking him if he still read the Book of Mormon, which is a very personal question.  So I told them what I thought was so funny and he replied, very very serious: "Well, I do.  And I work at the Provo Temple on Thursdays." (If you're not LDS, working at the temple is volunteer service and its a great thing to do, but not something that you really brag about.  Its like bragging about how humble you are. . . )

Becky went back to work and we finished eating.  When it was time to pay, Dude asks Becky if they accept American Express cards, oh wait, except he called it AMex.  "Do you accept AMex?"  They did not.  Dude was clearly disappointed, but offers up another card.  "People ask us all the time if we take American Express, why is that card so special?" Becky asked.  "Well, this is my AMex business card and it has over 10,000 dollars charged to it.  I get a lot of free flyer miles when I use it."  Dude, can you say that a little louder?  I don't think the people across the room could hear you.

So we leave and Dude gets the car door for me and I thank him.  "You would be surprised.  One time I got the car door for a Utah girl and she looked at me and called me a pig!"  Oh, well, are you sure that's the reason why she said it?  I don't think I conveyed just how much this boy did not like girls from Utah.  Aside from all his money and businesses, it was all he talked about. 

We pull up to my house and get out of the car.  "So, Kim, I had fun.  Do you think I could get your number so we could do this again?"  And suddenly I had a revelation.  I could see the future of what would happen if I gave this guy my phone number.  Never answering, I would forever be in fear of the sound of my ring tone.  I would be scared he would show up around every corner.  And so maybe for the first time ever, I did the brave thing to do.  "I don't think so."  I don't know what he said to that, probably because I turned and ran.  I cried a little.  I felt really bad, but good for being honest at the same time. 

Now, everyone dreams of those perfectly scripted moments when you can really tell off someone that has done you wrong.  The following Sunday I had mine.  We were walking home from church on a seriously beautiful day.  I looked good (I think.  At least I felt good)  And we walked right past the boy that asked for nail polish and also asked me out.  For another dude. 

"Do you make a point of asking girls out for other guys often?"  The other guys around him chuckled.
"No. . .how was the date?"
"He was rude, stuck up and self centered."  And I flipped my hair rolled my eyes and walked past him.  Not too much anger, just enough to let him know: Seriously dumb move. 


  1. Man that does sound like a bad date! I'm so proud of you for being brave and not giving that guy your number!

    1. Thanks!! I can't say I learned from the experience. I gave out my number to other stupid guys after this.

    2. Loved it Kim! So reminds me of Kalon! :) PS...I read Reality Steve today..he doesn't know who "wins" but does give the final 3... :)

  2. uhh, dumb move is right. proud of ya ... you make women like me proud! (I know I'm a little late on this one, but had to comment). Jess is right ... you are brave!


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