Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What Would You Do With . . . Paint??

Another installment of What Would You Do Wednesday with Aubrey and myself!!

I don't remember which one of us suggested paint for August, but I knew right away that I wanted to paint one of the rooms in my house.  I tried to use our "gold" theme last summer to get Olivia's room painted (it will be white with a gold design on one wall. . . I think!) but it didn't work.

This month I planned to paint the Saturday before What Would You Do Wednesday.  And I was bummed when our day got too busy to paint.  Another month of phoning it in, I thought.  Then I realized I was looking at the wrong Wednesday!!  Hahaha I still had a week and a half.

So I did it!!  I painted my kid/guest bathroom Aloof Gray (by Sherwin Williams, but I had Glidden at Home Depot color match it)  I should probably be the spokesperson for Aloof Gray.  I love it so so so much.  It's a gray that definitely doesn't turn blue when you put it on the walls.  And it's really calm.  You might not even notice it's gray unless you see it next to some bright white, which is why I decorate with so much white :)

(excuses excuses:  This bathroom gets zero natural light and is super tiny so it's hard to get a good angle!  Okay enough of that)



With about $30 at IKEA and Joann Craft I got some new accessories and now I just really love this space.  The pictures just don't do it justice (pretty much I can only take pictures in perfect light) I need a couple of awesome art pieces to go above the toilet and towel rack, but other wise I'm happy with it! 

What would you do with paint??  Link up your post below!

Next month is APPLES!!  If every month had a food, I think September would be apples.  It's just the perfect way to kick off fall.  :)