Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What would you do. . . with spray paint?

Every second Wednesday Aubrey and I get together for a little craft/recipe/fashion challenge.  We pick a theme and then have a month to come up with a fun project using that theme.  This month we chose spray paint, which was funny because I used gold spray paint last month in my GOLD project!
I had a really cool idea, and I wont talk your ear off about it, but it was a pretty big fail yesterday.  Luckily, I spray painted a few other projects when I was working on the gold project last month so I had a back up plan.

My sister-in-law has been responsible for the last three "What would you do" posts.  She gave me some of the trinkets I used in my hexagon shelves (from What would you do with flowers) and she gave me the frames I painted gold.  This month I'm showing some art that she gave me and I spray painted.

I didn't take any before pictures (the only problem with a back up plan).  But the silver art used to be a hemp rope and I just sprayed it silver and hoped for the best!  I think it turned out great.  It's funny because when these pieces were in my SIL's house I used to think of ways I could DIY something similar.  I had no idea she had made them herself!  The hemp things are like placemats I'm guessing and then she just wrapped some canvases in felt and used the placemats like velcro, they just kind of stick.

And then there's the large mirror.  It was a light wood, but a little more yellow than I liked, especially up against the blue.  So I sprayed it white!

When I get all my new things, new dining room set and new light fixture, I'm going to have Aubrey come take pictures because the wall color is so much prettier in real life and I'm just not capturing it!!!
It's one thing to have a cluttery fridge, but I'm a little unsure about my decision to frame it here :) 
*QUESTION* I'm going to be getting a new dining room set soon (new to me anyway)  I'm going to do the chairs in white, but I'm unsure what color to do the table.  Would a white table be too much???  Maybe I just need to keep the natural wood color of the table I haven't found yet but hope to find a the thrift store or yard sale in the next month.  I guess no point worrying until I have more info, right?  (Even though my dining room set it cute, it's seriously SO un-kid-friendly.  Glass table top, fabric covered seats, a little jungle gym under there that the kids can't stay away from. . . so annoying)

Now link up any of your blog posts that feature a spray paint project!  We want to see!!  Next month we'll be doing zucchini!  Doesn't zucchini just scream August?  I'm SO feeling it. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Why I'm a NO Mom

It's super popular to be a "yes mom" right now.  When I was looking at nanny positions several years ago, a few of the jobs I found said that they didn't like telling their children "no".  And even some moms who understand that "no" has it's place, still want to say yes to their kids more often than no.  I do too!  But I can't, and let me tell you why.

-Olivia cannot have straight brown sugar in her cereal bowl for breakfast.
-Axel cannot have the large red cement balls outside of Target. 
-Olivia cannot walk to the park alone.
-Axel cannot drink his water out of my glass (because it's actual glass and he can barely lift it)
-Olivia cannot buy two giant Elmo's for her and her brother.
-Axel cannot run into the street.

It seems like other kids are asking their parents for picnics (sure!) or snow cones after lunch (absolutely!) Christmas music in July (Yes!) or making the day special by going to the splash pad (please!)  But my kids ask for, and freak out about, things that would make me kind of a bad mom, so I do the right thing and say no.  Yes, occasionally I try to divert them to something fun but different but that is exhausting. 

Last week I asked Olivia what we could do to make the day special and she said go visit my parents in California.  So. . . that was a no, but I wish! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Five Little Confessions: Pop Culture

It's that time again, the first Wednesday of the month some of my blogging friends and I get together and "confess" some of our deepest darkest secrets. (if you can call them that!)  We would love to have you link up with us!!

I decided that it was time I told you about my celebrity crush.  The other confessions just kind of fell into place after that. 

1. My celebrity crush is Curtis Stone, The Take Home Chef.  That's how much I like food.

2. My favorite genre of music is rock 'n' roll from the 60s.  The Beatles, Beach Boys, The Who, The Mamas and The Papas, The Rolling Stones. . .

3. I really really love The Lizzie McGuire Movie.  

4.  I'm kind of annoyed with Kim Kardashian because she has my name.

5. I wrote this while watching Saved By The Bell.