Monday, July 30, 2012

I want to buy these clothes

Did you guys watch the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics?  I loved them.  I just love British music so that was awesome, especially Sir Paul McCartney's live performance.  And I think its so moving to see all the nations come together and parade around peacefully.  How honored they must be to represent their country.  And a lucky few got some really cute clothes! 

Its true, I like watching the parade of nations for the clothes.  You know what would be cool?  If they had a store where you could buy the clothes designed for the parade!  This is what I would want to buy:

Poland's dresses.  How beautiful were they?  And those little bolero jackets?  Adorable!! 

Sweden's shirts.  Love the colors (their national colors) and love the stripes.  Totally on trend. 

The Netherlands' jackets.  At first I was taken by the women's orange.  I have nothing like that, but I'm sure I could find something to wear it with.  But then I loved the men's blue as well.  Both would look awesome on ME!  (Just kidding, probably not right now.  I'm like in between being chubby and being pregnant.  I hate this stage.)

Yesterday I asked my husband if there was any way I could still be an Olympic athlete.  He said no.  Its not like I want to, but sad to know there is no possibility. 

Side note: When watching Denmark, I joked "Hey that girl looks like me!"  (because I'm Danish) Then when reading the blog where I got the Netherlands pic he mentioned Denmark and how they all look alike.  So I'm not the only one who noticed!  Ha!

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Olymics are coming!

First I need to know: is the word Olympics a proper noun?  Like does it need to be capitalized?  Because if not it looks like I just felt like randomly capitalizing a word in my title.  Because I usually only capitalize the first word.  Oh my goodness, who cares?  Moving on. . .

Do you guys remember the 1996 Olympics?  That was the first and most fun year of Olympics for me.  I was 13 and in 7th grade and obsessed with the gymnastic team (but I really don't know why because I don't especially have an affinity towards
gymnastics. . .) My friends and I would talk about it at school and I would rush home to watch the competitions in the evening.  I thought those girls were just so beautiful.  And we were winning!  The team was doing so well. 

And the best part was how, in the end, even though she had hurt her ankle already, Kerri Strug did a final vault almost perfectly and landed squarely on both feet for a brief moment before raising her injured leg and then falling to her knees.  Even now, looking back, I remember the feeling of awe I had for that girl.  Plus I just thought she was so pretty and I loved her short hair.
After that, the Olympics ended and everyone went back to their normal lives, but I just wished I could be friends with Kerri.  I just knew we would have so much to talk about and we would go shopping at the mall together.  She was just so cool.

Well, Kerri and I never became best friends.  I'm over it Kerri, no hard feelings.  I've never loved the Olympics as much since then, but I hold on to the hope that there will be an amazing story of courage that can make me proud to be an American (which of course I am all the time, but  its always fun to see our national teams do something awesome!)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I cut my own hair

I have hair.  Most of us do.  Mine is both a blessing and a curse.  Because its fine and I have a lot of it.  Which means that even though one of my sister's pig tails is still thicker than my whole head of hair, if I were to say crimp it, I might be mistaken for the black Spice Girl.  You know, except that I'm blonde.

Seriously one day I crimped my hair and it just kept getting bigger and bigger, and then I went to Jamba Juice and the girl making my smoothie said I looked like a spice girl.  But I digress.

Oh another funny story is one day my students asked if my hair was really soft and I guess I said yeah because then she wanted to touch it.  And then the whole class wanted to touch my hair.  And they kept asking to touch my hair like every day for a few weeks.  Again, off topic.  Sorry.

So because my hair is long and fine and there is a lot, its like the perfect storm for getting tangles.  And over time I've learned something: Once hair tangles, its more likely to tangle again.  So I started cutting out the small little tangles in my hair.  So far none of my hair dressers have noticed.  And if they don't notice probably no one will.

So I guess now you know something really weird about me.  Care to reciprocate?  

Monday, July 23, 2012

The story of a very stubborn girl

It was Friday morning, which is Saturday in this house.  Adam was fast asleep after staying up to see the Batman movie.  Olivia was snuggled in my lap and every now and then she would look up and smile at me.  How I love my sweet girl!

And at 8am I decided it was probably time for breakfast.  So I whipped up some oatmeal for my girl and she started whining because she knew she was about to get food and it wasn't coming fast enough.  I got her in her high chair and as I lifted a spoon full towards her mouth she really started screaming. Sometimes she doesn't want what I'm giving her until she gets a taste and so I forced a small amount into her mouth.  No dice.  And then she was in full out bawling mode.  This was loud enough to wake up dad.  So Adam came and tried to feed her.  Sometimes switching up parents will help.  Not this time.  Finally I said, "What do you want?  The spoon?" and I just gave it to her.  And the whole bowl of oatmeal. 

And the crying totally stopped.

And she ate her whole bowl of oatmeal and it only took her an hour!  And I got to sit on the couch and read my book (the couch is like five feet from her high chair, I wasn't in the other room or anything).  Of course I paid for that later when I had to clean her up, but I guess she's going to have to feed her self with a spoon someday. 

My stubborn girl.

I know this one is a little blurry, but I just love her expression! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Since I've been gone! (Sing it like you're Kelly)

I have two pet peeves of blogging.  Well, not just two, but two that pertain to this post.

1. When people abandon their blogs.

2. When people start posts with "Sorry I haven't posted in forever!" because your going to put four months in between each post, and start each post with that line.  And honestly, my life does not revolve around you.

That being said, sorry for doing #1, and don't worry I wont do #2!!  But what happened is this: I got pregnant.  But more importantly: I got very very sick.  I guess that's my lot in life, really bad morning sickness.  All I have done is barely get my child fed and diapered and then slept on the couch while she plays near by.

Things are looking up though!  I've been feeling much better in the last week, but I've also been on vacation so blogging resumes now.

If you're still here, thank you!  If you're not, that's okay.  You probably just followed my blog so I would follow you back.