Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What Would You Do With. . . .Red, white and blue??

I always think of the time between Memorial Day and Independence Day as the patriotic season.  And since I've moved to Utah where the 24th of July is celebrated (when the Mormon pioneers first came to the Salt Lake Valley) it goes on even longer!  So Aubrey and I decided it would be fun to do some projects with red, white and blue to show our patriotic side.

I've never been one for holiday decor, except for Fall and Christmas.  So instead of making something for my house, I made something for my kids!  (And your kids if you want! ;) )

Photo credit: Her Threaded Needle

I love that having two holidays in July means my kids will get good use out of these, but honestly they're so cute they can be worn any time!  All of these items are for sale in my shop starting July 1 (I'm on summer break right now!) That wont be in time for July 4, but you can still rock it all of July!!  :) 

Next month we're doing a fun summer drink!  We don't drink alcohol and so I always feel left out when it comes to pretty fancy drinks.  Let's change that next month!

And August we're doing a paint project.  Any kind of project that you used paint with!!

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