Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What Would You Do With. . . Orange??

One of the most fun things about fall is decorating!  How do you decorate for fall?  I'm guessing 9/10 chances you're using the color orange somewhere.  Aubrey and I decided it would be fun to show you how we're using the color orange this month!

Last year I made a cute burlap banner to use on my hexagon shelves and this year I'm showing you how I added the color orange to my shelves to bring a little fall cheer.

I fell in love with this cute fox at Target (of course!) and so did my kids!  I decided we would splurge and get him, but that he would strictly be a decoration, not a toy.  My kids are swimming in stuffed animals and this one was too cute to be a toy.  (It really isn't made to be a toy either)  The bright red-orange flowers are from IKEA.

Olivia and I painted jars with orange paint two years ago I believe.  We put a tea light inside and it's very pretty when lit.  You can also do this with glue and orange tissue paper, and then glue black cutouts on top.

We have the best babysitter and she always brings awesome crafts for my kids.  This wooden craft pumpkins was painted by Olivia.  She did a little bit better job than Axel on her pumpkin so I chose to display hers.  (I did try both but it was difficult to balance the shelves with two pumpkins haha)  These orange flowers are also from IKEA.

So link up your fall decor posts so we can see how you used the color orange this season!  Next month we'll be seeing what you do with . . . left over turkey!