Friday, September 28, 2012

No Sugar September: FAIL

So at the beginning of September I decided I wasn't going to eat any sugar for a month.  Fun right?  No big deal, I'd done it before and lost 4 pounds with out even trying!  Plus I totally lost my sweet tooth that month making it much easier by the end.  

2012: I did great for the first two weeks.  Then, slowly and surely, sugar crept back in.  A bowl of Corn Pops here, a bite of Adam's cookie there. 

So technically it was a fail.  Still, I'll count it as a good experience.  Here's why:

I ate way less sugar than I would have otherwise.  I didn't eat any of my mother-in-law's chocolate chip cookies (not a whole one, anyway!) and they are probably one of my favorite things in the world.  I can't eat one, or two, I usually eat three. I also avoided other candies I might have otherwise eaten that I don't even really care for, like the airheads I bought for my nanny kids. 

After all this effort, I gained a lot this month.  But my doctor measured my tummy and assured me it was all baby.  Of course he added I should still keep trying to be healthy and get in my exercise. 

That being said, I'm quitting early!  (Um, not that I've been totally following the rules or anything. . .) I'm considering today to be the last day of September and allowing myself some slack starting with the weekend! 

To keep in line with my healthy promise, I'm going to be making treats from Chocolate Covered Katie more often than the Pioneer Woman.  :)  Also, Monday I'll be sharing one of my favorite "sugar free" treats (processed sugar free).  Have a great weekend!!

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