Monday, December 31, 2012

12 in '13

This post idea has been brewing in my head for quite some time.

Summer of 2012 I read The Happiness Project while on vacation with Adam.  And I just loved the way she had a goal for each month.  Because how many of us remember what we resolved to do last January?  But one month?  That is an amount of time I can handle!

Then I started reading Motley Mama during her one month with out the internet.  I had to read it because so many other bloggers were tweeting about it and I got curious.  I fell in love with her blog, and there was that same idea again.  One month = one goal. 

I admit, I'm worried about how these will all go down since I'm having a baby in January.  Good thing that's not a surprise so I can kind of tailor my goals to the situation.  And I'm excited to blog all of these because I know I wont lose the list somewhere.  I am a great loser of things.

January: Get my apartment in order before the baby arrives
We're moving this week!  Who does this?  I can barely do my hair with out running out of breath, but I'm about to move a ton of stuff to a new apartment just weeks before I have a new baby.  Just waiting for that nesting energy to kick in (With Olivia I wasted all of that energy organizing my classroom and lesson plans for my long term sub.  This time I hope it will benefit my family more.)

February: Cook dinner once a week
After Olivia was born I remember feeling like I could never find the time to cook dinner ever again.  So I want to start out slow and just cook a fresh meal once a week in February.

March: Learn to really budget well
Money is going to be tight and I've never been good at budgeting but I hope I can have no choice but to get better at it this year so we can afford our own house soon!

April: Attempt to potty train Olivia
VIA (I haven't read this article, so I can't vouch for it, I just liked the picture)
I'm pretty sure Olivia's been ready to potty train for a while now (tells me when she needs to go, asks to try going on the potty) but with vacations and the holidays there just hasn't been time.  And now that we are having a new baby, I just know she'd regress if we tried to do it before the baby.  So I'm aiming for just after her second birthday.

May: Open my Etsy shop
I just got a serger for Christmas!!!  Its pretty much the one thing I've been needing for my etsy shop.  Well, that and time, but no one got me more of that for Christmas, so I guess I'll just have to do what I can with what I got!

June: Work out every day, except Sunday
This is not me.  This picture came from here.
By June my kid will be five months old.  I think by then I should be able to get back into a workout schedule.  I'm not hanging on to those five pounds again like I did with Olivia.  NO.  I will get back to my pre pre pregnancy weight :)

July: Eat vegetarian for a month
My family is mostly all vegetarian and I feel strongly about eating less meat, so I think it would be good to give it a try for at least a month.  Hopefully I lose weight and get really skinny (hey, a girl can dream!) 

August: Read religious texts daily
Scriptures or conference talks, I want to make that part of my every day routine (right now I do just okay) and hopefully a month of doing it will make it stick and I'll continue in the months ahead.

September: No Sugar for One Month
I've done this before, two years now, so this month was a no brainer.  I'll be following the same rules as last year so no need to type them again.

October: Family coordinated Halloween costumes
What do Billy Idol, Barbie and a Lady Bug have in common?  Nothing!  I know this is a silly goal, but its probably the only way it will ever happen, otherwise I'll be putting together costumes on Oct 30th!

November: Complete my Christmas Shopping
If I can finish all my shopping in November then maybe things will be calmer and we'll stay healthy in December!

December: Create four new Christmas decorations
Again, this one is just for fun.  But if my shopping is done, I should have some time to make four cute new decorations for my (hopefully, fingers crossed!) new house!!

Some are silly and some are serious but hopefully it will push me to do a little more and be a little better this year! 


  1. Hey there... Just blog hoppin around ( read blog stalking haha) and found your blog! Fun! Love this post so new follower here :)

    Erin @

  2. I really like these and this format. I also want to open an etsy shop and probably should learn to budget! happy new year!

    1. Thanks! Happy New Year to you too! Good luck on your etsy shop as well!

  3. GOOD LUCK GIRL. as you well know, i suck at these, so even if you complete ONE month, i'd be high fiving you.

    1. Thank you! It helps that most of them are fun things I'd like to do anyway. Maybe that's the key to actually doing them?


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