Friday, December 6, 2013

Food Friday? All I know is this is how snow should taste

I've been eating snow since I was a kid.  Kind of gross, kind of awesome.  If you think it's too gross, that's fine.  I feel the same way about milk.

Anyway, we got a load of snow on Tuesday and Olivia has been begging to play in it.  I opened the back door to show her how dang cold it really was (playing in the snow is a dad activity, at least until she's old enough to go out by herself!) and she asked to eat the snow.  Of course!  Let's forget about playing outside and eat the snow instead!

The view from my back porch

I carefully scooped just the top of the snow so we didn't get any cement flavor in our snow cream.  Then in a medium bowl I put two spoonfuls of powdered sugar, a couple drops of peppermint extract (the ingredients on the bottler were: flavor and non-flavor, I KID YOU NOT) and some cream I had for a soup recipe.  We didn't need the whole cup of cream so I thought, Why not?  But you could also use milk. 

Don't scrape the bottom!

Growing up we used vanilla, but I thought peppermint would be a fun change.  Holy goodness!  That stuff was awesome!  I think this is what snow would taste like if you were Buddy the Elf.  We mixed it all up and then sat on the kitchen floor sharing bites: Olivia, Axel, Mom, Olivia, Axel, Mom.

Did you make snow cream growing up?


  1. We always did vanilla too, we will have to try peppermint!!!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who eats snow :)

  2. WHAT!?!? You are so creative!!! Is this a WWYDW creation?! I'm excited to see your post! I was going to participate this month, but life got a little crazy, so next month I'll be in. Next time it snows, I'm going to rescue some before my puppy jumps in it and claims it as his own and make something from it like this!

    1. Haha! I've been doing it since I was a kid. I mean, what kid doesn't want to eat snow??? So why not make it taste good? This isn't my wwyd post, I didn't even think about them both being peppermint! I hope you'll join us next month!!


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