Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What would you do with . . . basic black leggings??

Today is the second Wednesday of the month so Aubrey and I have our link up for what would you do!
There's one thing I love about winter and it's MINI SKIRTS!!!!  Huh??  Well since I'm LDS and I've been through the temple, I can't wear clothing above my knee, shorts or skirts.  But in the winter, I can layer to stay warm, and that means mini skirts over leggings!  And I love it.

But I did not take a picture of that for today.  Ha!  I faced my fears and wore leggings as pants.  Although it helped that these are actually yoga pants.  I like how yoga pants are thicker and have a wider waist band than most leggings I have encountered.

So this isn't super innovative fashion, but it's what I would do, not what I'm telling you to do ;) 

Link up your fashion posts with leggings!  And join us next month for What Would You Do on a date night!!

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  1. When I saw your picture, I was shocked because I remember how much you hate the leggings as pants thing! But you rock those leggings!! :) Joe bought me some yoga leggings a month ago and they're my favorite because they're so thick that they feel almost like pants, and they go all the way over my belly and are somewhat supportive. I love wearing them with my longer maternity shirts. And Pink Blush is sending me some fleece lined ones that I'm sure I'll love a lot too.


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