Saturday, November 7, 2015

Thoughts about the LDS Handbook policy change

 My favorite scripture is two words "Jesus wept".  As a kid I thought that may be the most worthless scripture in the bible.  Two words??  And I'm sure Jesus wept several times in his life, why did this one merit a verse?  Was John trying to meet his quota of verses?

Later when I studied the context of the verse I found profound comfort and love in those two words.  Jesus wept with Mary and Martha.  Their brother had died and they were grieving.  And while I'm sure Jesus was aware of what he was about to do, raise Lazarus from the dead, he did not discount their feelings, their grief.  He mourned with them.

I had mixed emotions, like many of my friends LDS or not, about the LDS handbook policy change that stated children of same-sex marriage could not be given a name and blessing on the records of the church (different than a blessing of comfort or healing) or baptized until age 18.  I took time to read and listen to sources I can trust, and I now feel peace.  But like Jesus, like our baptismal covenants, I will mourn with those that mourn.  If it's still something that is bringing you heartache, my heart aches with yours.  I will hold your hand and sit with you and you are welcome to come to church (or anywhere) with me.

I hope that my church is a place where all feel welcome, to feel the love of our Savior and learn more about Him.  While there may be a right and a wrong, none of us are perfect and all are welcome.

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