Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday's Favorite and Least Favorite

Least Favorite:

1. Rain and cold.  But it is January.  What can I expect?

2.  I didn't get to bed until 10pm last night.  Not my fault.  Grrr.

And it really wasn't too bad of a week, 'cause that's all I got for least.


1. This comic:

I just thought it went very well with the title of my blog.  :)

2.  My student teacher has started teaching!  With her teaching two classes every other day, I have a little more time to see this girl:

3.  I'm finally feeling my groove with being a working mom.  That doesn't mean I like it.  But I have loved coming home the last couple of days, going into Olivia's room and closing the door.  She can play and explore while I watch her and "work" on the computer.

4.  Book reviews!  I write book reviews for the Deseret News on occasion, and I'm working on one right now.  Its a good book, not Earth shattering, but it has heart and it was a fun easy read (and after a hard day of work and caring for a baby, isn't that the sort of thing you want to be reading??)


5. End of January.  This is the last full week of January.  Next week it will turn to February.  And that means there are only four more months until summer break and four more months until I can (hopefully) be a stay at home mom for life!!

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