Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's in a name?

Have you ever noticed how passionate people get about names when it comes to babies?

Some pick out a name when they find out the gender and they refer to the baby by that name only.

Some pick out a few names they like and decide the day of the birth.

Some pick out a name but keep it secret from everyone.

And all of these people feel very strongly about their method of naming their child.  Its a hot topic and everyone takes a side. 

And then of course the actual name.
Are you going to spell it traditional or (dare I say) made up?
Are you going to use a name that exists or make up your own?
Is this name an actual name or is it the word for something else? (like a fruit or a color)

My husband is in the camp of keeping it a secret.  He hated when I told everyone I was pretty much settled on Olivia for our girl.  He's also a little more creative than I am with names.  Heck, I would name my boys Andrew and Robert if I could, but they are my brother's names.  I just love the traditional.

Olivia is named after Raven Symone's character on the Cosby Show.  Where did you get inspiration for your kids names?

"People always say they want to see their baby before they decide on a name, just to make sure it fits.  If that were true there would be a lot more babies named Alien."  --I think this was said by my brother's brother in law.  And I'm sure I got the quote wrong!


  1. Haha, so true. I actually meant to be in the "pick out a couple names and see which fits" camp, but Lincoln was the only boy name I really loved, so I've stuck with that. And I was in the "tell everybody" camp, because I wanted to make sure that if one of my thousand pregnant friends ALSO named their son Lincoln, they'd know I picked it first, and I am therefore superior, haha. I'm also not into unusual spellings, because I always think of their poor teachers, trying to figure out that "Alyvyiah" is "Olivia" or whatever. Plus, they would never be able to find their names on those little keychains! Not that I expect Lincoln to have that luxury, but still.

  2. Olivia was my top girls name forever but my husband HATES it. We're totally in the total secret camp... not even finding out about gender (I like surprises).


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