Monday, March 26, 2012

Life in Pictures

I don't have a smart phone.  Does that mean I have a dumb phone?  It can hold about 60 medium quality pictures at a time and then it tells me its full.  And I think somewhere my husband has an SD card that you can put into your phone, but we probably lost it during the move.  So I have about 8 months worth of random pictures on my phone that I sent to my email one at a time during a very boring meeting last week.

So, the last 8 months of my life in random phone pictures:

Olivia in summer clothes, and a bib because she was a spit up machine!

Olivia sleeping in her bassinet.  She slept there until she was almost 9 months!

My little bald baby!  I took this picture just to have on my phone when I was at work and missing my nugget!

Adam did a mud run in September and killed any desire I might have of ever doing it with him.

Same day as the mud run, Olivia was wiped out but would not let go of her toy!!

I made Olivia this little outfit for the BYU vs Utah football game.  Adam wasn't happy.

I made this Halloween skirt for Olivia and then washed it after she spit up on it.  It totally ruined it.  This should only be handwashed! 

Olivia in her Tigger Halloween costume. 

Olivia at Thanksgiving

Olivia learning to blog.

The tree my students decorated for Festival of Trees (donated to Primary Children's).  I made the tree skirt.

A cool design made from different light bulbs at Anthropologie.  Took this while I was on a shopping field trip with my students at the Gateway mall.  This is why people should take my fashion class!!

Olivia on Valentine's Day.  Always eating with that one leg on the tray.  Crazy girl.

Practicing flips in the kitchen.  And freaking mom out.

First warm day for playing outside this year!!


  1. great images! and i love love love the name Olivia.

  2. Wow. I see a future gymnast in the making!!!! And she sure is a cutie! Good work, mama!!!

    1. Thank you!! She has no fear, at least for now.


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