Monday, March 12, 2012

Parents Think I'm Crazy

I'm taking my students on an over night field trip.  I do this twice every year.  In order for a student to attend I need TWO forms filled out.  A medical permission slip, that needs to be notarized, (because one time a kid forged his parent's signature and went on an over night trip and the parents called the cops and a search was going out for this boy. . . thank bud, for the extra work you make me do) and a parent meeting signature list showing all the parents of all the students and whether or not they approve of the proposed over night travel. 

So I planned a parent meeting for last night.  Five of my parents called to say they couldn't come.  That's cool, I can write down "phone call" in the signature box.  Five of my parents came to the meeting.  They signed, thank you for that.  So I have six more parents to call today.  Imagine their confusion.

Me: Hi I'm Suzy's* FCCLA Advisor and I need to know if you approve of over night travel.
Parent: Yeah I thought I gave Suzy that notarized form we had to fill out. . . 
Me: Um, yeah, you did.  But see, I have this other form to fill out.  I need your signature and to know if you approve or do not approve.  Its okay though, I can just put "phone call" in the signature box.  So I'm calling you. . .
Parent: Um, yes, I approve.  I thought that was obvious.
Me: Yes its obvious to me.  But I guess its not to um. . . other people?  I don't get it either.  Thank you for your time.

Ug.  It is just SO AWKWARD.

* Suzy is not one of my actual students.

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    xx Kelly


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