Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just Ask (or Government Jobs at Their Most Efficient)

There is an application that all high school clubs must submit each year if they want to be a school recognized club.  It requires that I answer about 8 questions and submit 7 permission slips from parents giving consent for their child to participate in the club.  I totally see why its important for clubs.  But FCCLA (Family Career and Community Leaders of America) is not a club.  Its a CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization).  If my friend stopped doing the Harry Potter club, no big deal.  But if I stopped doing FCCLA I would probably get in trouble. 

Sure, we might join in during club week.  When asked, we might explain that we're a club centered on the family.  But really, we're totally different.   We're a national organization. 

And so, this application seems. . . dumb. . . to me.  Why do I have to apply for something that I have to do.  Seriously, have no choice. 

But no one questions it.  For years we've just been doing it, jumping through hoops that no one has time to jump through.  Asking for permission to continue doing my job.  I hate it.

So today I asked, "Do I really have to do this?"  The answer?  Yes, but only the questions.  You can skip the permission slips. 

I never do things that don't make sense to me.  It always pays to ask. 

PS I got a call into a head guy* at the district office to see if I can get out of the question part for the future.  Baby steps here.

*official title

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