Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall Bucket List: Update!

For a minute I was worried I wouldn't do anything on my Fall Bucket List.  But I'm looking back at it and I've already done a lot of them!

In the same order as they were originally written (which was just random, as they came to my mind)

1. Visiting Logan
Adam and I took Olivia to visit her friends Porter and Paige while we hung out with their parents, James and Tiff!  We all had a great time playing at the park, going to the zoo (and getting accused of not paying. . . weirdo) and eating lots of yummy food and Halloween candy!

The kids thought it was fun to play with the leaves, so we just piled them up for some photo ops!

And then we started making it rain leaves!

2. Thanksgiving Point Cornbelly Maze
For the first time in a long time, Adam and I went just the two of us.  It was so fun!  We did both corn mazes (which you can read a little about here)  We also got hot cocoa to share, kettle corn, and Adam shot a pumpkin at an old car and rode a mechanical bull.  The only thing we didn't do was the Haunted Maze.  I won.

3. Farmer's Market Downtown
So we didn't go to the one downtown, we went to a closer one with fewer vendors.  Even so I think we were too late in the season for basil, which is what I really wanted!  Last year we went in September I think.  This year it was almost the end of October.  Everyone had potatoes, apples and pumpkins.
My belly looks so much smaller than my Halloween pictures!  Its crazy what two weeks will do. . .

4. Make a roast chicken.
We did this with Tiffanie and James, but since I pretty much made the worst chicken ever last time I cooked one, I feel the need to really redeem myself.  Plus: leftovers for enchiladas.

5. Take Olivia trick-or-treating in her Halloween costume.  

6. Buy and carve a pumpkin.
I think we bought like 6 pumpkins.  Adam carved one, Martha carved one.  I realized I don't really like doing that.  At least not at night.  After finally getting Olivia to sleep it just isn't the relaxing way I want to spend my night.  Maybe next year, during the day light hours!  But we did go to our favorite little pumpkin patch and Olivia loved it.  She's obsessed with pumpkins.  She calls them "pumpkin me".  I have no idea why.
Its too much to ask a child to look at the camera AND smile.  This was the best we got!

7.  Our annual Halloween party with Andrew and Martha.
Yep!  My little bro Kenny lives in Utah now and he got to come up and hang with us too.  No good pictures though.  Lady bugs aren't very good at holding still.

8. Teach kids how to make butter.
This is a Thanksgiving activity, I'm so excited about it!

Woo hoo!!  I've done all but two!  I feel like the next two weeks before Thanksgiving are going to fly by.


  1. Just wanted to say I think it's cute that Olivia and Adam are both wearing striped shirts in the first few pics.

    1. I didn't even notice! That is cute :)

  2. This makes me so happy! And I totally forgot make a roast chicken was on your list. I hope it lived up to your expectations! Oh and why didn't we get any pictures of ourselves? Probably because of that massive pimple on my face :)

    1. I never get pictures of myself. That one of me holding Olivia? I had to ask Adam to take it like five times. And then I just feel vain so I don't do it often. . .

  3. You dress Olivia SO cute! I haven't seen her in literally forever. Well not literally, but figuratively forever. Like since Hayley's wedding. What?? She is so cute and probably so fun to play with!!! Also, you are a very cute pregnant lady!

    1. Thanks! Don't notice that she's wearing the same sweater on different days! I just love little girls in jeans. During our Halloween "party" we were like "Why didn't we invite Billy and Cait? And Dan and Hayley????" So anyway, we need to have a party soon :)


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