Friday, February 22, 2013

Five Favorites on Friday: Chidren's Books

To welcome Baby Axel to our family, we got such a sweet gift from Shannon at The Scribble Pad, her son's favorite book, The Little Blue Truck.

We love it and we're excited to get more boy things in our life!  Of course Olivia loves the book and thinks it's hers, but we're also glad to introduce some sharing into our little girl's life!

So I wanted to share our five favorite children's books, mostly according to Olivia and what she requests before bed (and about 50 times all day long!)

Wheedle on the Needle
This was one of my favorite books as a kid and Adam's as well!  When I read it to Olivia I summarize because its kind of long for a toddler, but Adam has magic and can get her to sit through the whole thing!  She loves it and she asks for the Wheedle pretty frequently.

Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street
Olivia loves Elmo and we actually had to hide this book for awhile because we each had to read it four or five times.  When we brought it back out, I started leaving out words and letting Olivia fill them in, she knows it that well!

My Dad Loves Me!
I love hearing Adam read this book to Olivia.  They have the sweetest relationship, melt my heart!

Belly Button Book
This book is the reason Olivia refers to her belly button as a bee bo.  So silly!  But she loves it.

Five Little Lady Bugs
Adam's been reading her books before bed since she was three or four months old and this was the first book she started recognizing and bringing to us to read again and again.

What books do your kids like to read?

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