Friday, May 3, 2013

April's Goal

Once again, this is not Olivia, just a cute baby.
So April's goal was to potty train Olivia.  First, the excuses!

-I wrote them before Axel was born, so I didn't know how demanding potty training could be.
-I kept putting it off because of this trip or that event.

Okay, those are out of the way.  We started full swing on Monday April 22nd.  I don't feel like writing out all of the things we tried or didn't try.  Basically I just put some panties on her and tried to take her every fifteen minutes.  That usually works pretty good, but if I don't make her sit on the potty long enough she might wet just minutes after "trying".  That's where most of our accidents come from.

I'm waiting for her to learn to tell me she needs to go potty before she does, not while she's doing it.  Thankfully I don't mind changing accidents and her panties are absorbent so they don't make a huge mess.  I've only had to change one poopy accident.  This is what I wrote about it on facebook:

"It started when I put a diaper cover on because all her panties were dirty (he training pants are really absorbent, this diaper cover was just one that went to a cotton dress). Then I forgot to take her potty before lunch. I started nursing Axel while she was eating. She peed and it went everywhere! Then she started pooping. I told her to wait and that I would take her potty. So I put down Axel (screaming!) and got her out of her high chair and decided to pull off her pants rather than drip all the way to the bathroom. Well. . . it was too late. "DON'T MOVE." But she didn't listen and the contents of her pants landed plop on the bathroom floor (SO grateful we missed carpet!!!!) I sat her in the bath, stripped off her shirt and washed her as best I could. Diapered her, and put her in her crib for her nap. Finished feeding Axel and then DISINFECTED everything." 

Soooo, we're a work in progress over here. Still, she loves wearing panties and she goes most of the time I take her.  And as long as I'm on top of things, we're pretty accident free.

*     *     *

On  another note, I convinced my sister Kellie to finally start writing her blog again!!  Check it out.  She's like 100x funnier than me, and 1000 x less vain.  Its good.

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