Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A mom and a dad

Today is Father's Day (even though I probably wont post this any time soon[Yep!  It's now the middle of August! Ha!]) and naturally I'm thinking a lot about my dad.  My sister has been here this weekend and she is very close to my dad.  So am I.  I talked to my dad more often than most of my college roommates did with theirs. 

But at this point in my life I probably talk more to my mom.  I text her pictures of my kids, call her about questions and concerns and just call to fill my day.  And in my thoughts today I realized the importance of both my parents.

My mom is home during the day when I'm alone.  She may not totally remember how she took care of babies, but she's good at comforting me when I'm scared or concerned about something silly.

My dad and I shared a career in education.  Most of the things I wanted to talk about a lot of people would probably find boring.  Not my dad, he was always there to listen to when I needed to talk about problems with my students or my lesson plans. 

It's so nice to have backup (two's not enough, you need three at least--name the movie!)


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