Monday, September 22, 2014

September Slumber Soiree: A blogger event

Back in like May, Aubrey mentioned the idea of having an all night blogger event/party.  Because we like to stay and visit long after blog round tables or blog meet ups, it only made sense that bloggers would enjoy an all night party to talk about our favorite thing: BLOGGING!

The location was GORGEOUS!  I drove up with Ashley from A to Z and we made pretty good time!  Except that my directions from map quest were kind of wonky and I was worried we were lost a time or two, Ashley kept her head and she has a great sense of direction!

I started eating like as soon as we walked in the door!  And then we had dinner (Cafe Rio copycat salad with actual CR dressing. . . Mmmmmm!)  I limited myself to three very small Dr Peppers in hopes that I might sleep that night.
First in line because I know how to break the ice!
See how tiny the cups were!  But soooo cute!!
After dinner photo booth shoot
After dinner we all introduced ourselves and had a short blogging discussion about growing your blog.
Sierra, Laura, Ashley, me and Kyla at the bottom :)
Then the sweet, wonderfully funny Jen did Aubrey's makeup while teaching us about her favorite products and techniques.  Seriously, finding her blog was one of the best things about this trip, she is the cutest!!
This is what dirt does in your pores
After the makeup we did a quick photo shoot with our Agnes and Dora leggings.
Pretending to laugh made us actually laugh.
What?  You can't see the leggings enough?  Here!!!
Eek!  Leggings aren't pants, I really wished I had a tunic top!!
Amberly and I were like dozing off during the pictures, so we headed to bed, or so we thought!  Let's just say that the white noise was not enough to drown out the sound of ten other people having way more fun that us ;)  But I kept telling myself that even though I couldn't sleep, it was better than trying to sit at the table and paint my nails.  I am just a girl who NEEDS sleep.  If not, I cry and I'm suuuuper grumpy.  Just ask my family how sweet I was upon returning home :)

Saturday was my favorite day, despite feeling a little dizzy in need of sleep.  We had breakfast by Flippin' Waffles and it was AMAZING!  Seriously, like dessert for breakfast. 
This was not mine, but it looks just like the one I had.
The cute LauraAnn of Flippin Waffles.  I reeeaaly want to have her cater a party at my house.  Can anyone give me a reason to have a party???
Then Amberly lead the best discussion about sponsoring blogs, ever.  I want to send her all the products from my shop and pay her to promote me.  She's just so good at it.  AND!  She showed us her blog planner and I'm psyched to implement something similar for my blog and shop and social medias.  I think it will be like my teaching days when I used to schedule my lesson plans out for the week.  And I really miss that, for some reason :)

We had lunch and then finished up with a Q and A round table discussion about anything and everything blogging related.
Lunch!!  Because I love eating and I was the first in line again!
After the Q and A.  I look like a corpse.

Ashley and I left at 2:30 and I sang all the way home to avoid falling asleep at the wheel!!  Eeek, I was exhausted, but seriously it was so fun!!  I can't wait for next year, but I might have to find a hotel nearby, hee hee. 

All pictures in this post are compliments of Kaycie, who was our photographer for the weekend.  She seriously rocks!!!

And thanks to our other sponsors not yet mentioned:
Ready or Not Blog
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  1. I'm sooooo glad you came even if it made you tired and grumpy. I'm also super impressed you already have it blogged. It's going to be embarrassing when I'm the last person to blog this thing.

    1. I slept like ten hours the last two nights and I think I'm caught up now! :) I'm impressed with myself. Maybe I'm back? I make no promises yet.

  2. I still need to look at all of the pictures, but she got some great ones of you!!! :) I definitely took a long nap on Saturday afternoon, I was still asleep when Joe got home :P

    1. Oh thanks! I think it was because I was always first in line to eat. I'm jealous of your nap. I met Adam at my in-laws and I was cranky as heck. I finally decided to go home but Adam asked me to take Axel with, and he screamed the whole drive.

  3. This looks really fun, oh I am so jealous... I really wish I lived closer and I could have gone!!

  4. This is awesome!! I'm so jealous - seriously! This just looks like so much fun!

    1. It was fun! I'll invite you next time, since you're a little bit blogger ;)

  5. It was so fun to hang out on Saturday!

    1. Friday was fun, but I think the best blogger talk happened on Saturday, so you got the best of it! :)


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