Thursday, December 15, 2011

Friday's Top Ten: Things I Need to Do Before Christmas

I've been going along just fine until last night.  BAM.  Its like Christmas just slapped me.  Actually its wasn't just last night, but all of yesterday.  I took most of the day off of work because I had so much Christmas stuff to do and I guess I just thought one day of solid work would be enough to get me caught up.  WRONG.  So here are ten things I need to do before Christmas:

1. Fix the salsa I made last night.  You know how some jalapenos are spicier than others?  I think I got the hottest one at the store.  When I almost choked on a small bite, I doubled the amount of everything but the pepper.  Still a little hot.  We'll see how it is today.  Might have to add more!

2.  Finish all the Christmas presents I decided to make.  Next year I will make and/or buy all of my gifts before October.  Yeah right.  (This is the bracelet I made for my sister on a mission.  Since I know she doesn't read my blog I'm safe posting it here!)

3. Deliver my sister's Christmas gift.  Because my sister is on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she has to follow mission rules that state she can't visit with family members even though we live in the same city!  So I can drop of her Christmas gift today free of charge or mail it two miles away.  I guess I shouldn't complain, its nice to have that option.  :)

4. Teach school for six more days. On the radio this morning they said, "This is the last full work week before Christmas!"  And I almost called them to lodge a complaint!  Then I remembered how retailers, and grocery stores and doctors and police will all be working Christmas Eve and even Christmas day and I should just be happy I have a job.

5. Finish wrapping presents.  I found some super cute free printable gift tags thanks to this post!  Love them.

6. Make this fudge for my work party on Dec 23rd.  This just in: Having a party at work on Dec 23rd doesn't make me excited to be at work on Dec 23rd.

7. Buy Mr. Krueger's Christmas for a friend.  Have you seen this movie with Jimmy Stewart?  Its a Mormon made movie, but the most Mormon thing about it is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  Other than that it is a really sweet story of a man and his relationship with Christ.  Watch it, it will bring the Christmas spirit faster than any other movie.  You can purchase the movie here for less than five dollars! 

8. Attend parties!  I have two this weekend and two next week during school.  "They'll be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting. . . "  (Wait, has anyone ever toasted marshmallows for Christmas?  I never got this line of the song)

9. Field Trips with my students.  Tuesday we're going to IKEA with my Interior Design class and Thursday we're going to the Gateway Mall with my Fashion class. 

10.  Pause for a moment to appreciate that this is my first Christmas with my baby!  She's the best gift I've ever gotten and its so much fun to see everything brand new through her eyes.


  1. I'm with ya--the fudge looks awesome and awesomely easy, and I want to attempt to make that bracely one day!

    You're an interior design teacher?! How cool!

  2. What's up with school up until the 23rd? I don't think that should be legal and no amount of work fudge or taco potlucks can make it better. So I refuse to come in those days.

    And I'm totally going to toast some marshmallows in my fireplace. Next to my tree. So I can be legit.

  3. The bracelet you made for your sister is so cute! How creative! And also the fudge looks amazingg. My roommate made funfetti fudge and it was so good. It would just be even better if it got eaten because it's just sitting at home tempting me every day!

  4. I thought it was marshmallows for roasting...


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