Monday, February 27, 2012

New Hat

Olivia's dad likes to buy her clothes almost more than I do!!  Okay, that is not true, but I try to control my spending, while he can't pass up a good deal.  This hat was on sale after Christmas, I think from Babies-R-Us.  When I was using Baby Bear (wait until I show you how big Daddy Bear is. . .) for a photo shoot with my new chevron pillow, I thought I might as well throw Olivia in there too.  And her new hat too, for fun. 

 Don't be fooled, this girl is not holding still.  Even this awkward pose took a lot of convincing.

 Oh yeah, Baby Bear?  You think you can be cute in this picture too?

I'll show you whose cutest in this place!!!!

And no, I did not put her hat on like that.  I'm lucky she got distracted before she pulled it all the way off!

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