Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day


 Yesterday was Valentine's Day. I'm telling you this in case I'm the only blog that you read. Because every blog did something to celebrate I think, except mine. Sorry! (But my design blog did have a little decor idea, in case you didn't get enough red and hearts)

Valentine's Day was. . . weird. To say the least. School/work (I never know what to call it!) was fine, just fine. I got home and I was playing with my girl in the office when I heard a loud bang. "What was that?" I asked Adam. "Car accident, I bet." I tried to look out the window, but the intersection is just barely out of view from there. And so we went out to check, and he was right. It was cold and Olivia had no pants on (squirmy girl + diaper change = I'm cool as long as she has a diaper on, pants may not happen every time) so we went back, but Adam is a good guy and he went to help. He was one of two people to arrive first on the scene. Another was a woman driving past who also stopped to help. He stayed out there, helping calm everyone down, helping clean out cars that would be going away and never coming back (they were both totalled) for about an hour and a half.

Olivia started getting fussy, so I gave her dinner a little early at 5, instead of 5:30. Half way through her banana I realized she was swallowing her chunks of banana with out chewing!! Ha! I just laughed and laughed. Hopefully this doesn't mess up her digestive system. But fussiness did not abate, so I got her jammied and gave her a bottle at 6 instead of 6:30. She fell asleep before finishing her bottle.

We had reservations at a supa nice restaurant. We didn't go there. We had plans to eat at a supa fun restaurant. Too long of a wait, we didn't go there. I was kinda in the mood for In N Out. We didn't go there. I finally decided on Pei Wei. It was really crowded and they were making people wait for seats before ordering. When we got to the front of the line to order, I looked at a couple sitting on chairs, waiting for take out. Hmmm. . . something about that guy looked familiar. Eeek!!! So did the girl! Too familiar!

Adam's girlfriend of three years, the girl that waited for him on his mission (not very successfully) chose the SAME restaurant, at the SAME time, on VALENTINE'S DAY. She came up to say hello, that was very nice of her.

See what I mean. Weird.


  1. Too bad, but kinda funny!!! Glad the 2nd valentine's day wasn't quite as weird (this is one of those words that doesn't fit the "i before e except after c" theory.) Lol!! Did you like the food at Pei Wei? I ended up getting food from a place called Camille's--kind of like Panera Bread. I brought it home and we ate at home with the kids. (-:

  2. The Friday before VDay my family went to Disneyland. I took the kids on the tea cups ride while Kevin waited with the stroller (he doesn't like rides). As I was walking back toward him after the ride was over, carrying Zac with Anslie in toe, I noticed he was talking with someone. As I got close, the person he was talking to turned around and it was the guy I dated RIGHT before I dated Kevin (and was very much head over heals for and would have probably married if he didn't end up being such a jerk)! I was shocked to see him in person - he and his wife and kids live in Seattle, WA. What are the chances that we would be at Disneyland on the same day, at the same ride, at the same time?! That was definitely weird. I totally get where you're coming from on that point!


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