Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Year Ago Today

This is not my post office
Today, as I write this (well, actually before I wrote this.  Work comes before blogging, always usually), I'm working on registering my students for State Competition.  As usual, it has to be post marked today.  And, as usual, I'm probably going to find myself standing in line at the post office, hoping that I brought the address with me so I don't have to call one of the ladies from work and ask them to look up the address.  The joys of my job.  (See, teaching interior design is not as fun as it sounds.) 

And it reminded me of this exact time last year.  I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with Olivia.  I went to the post office after work, trying to squeeze it in between work and my OB appointment.  I remembered the address!  The line wasn't long!  But as I was heading out to my car, my stiletto caught on the uneven pavement and suddenly I knew I was going down.  In a subconscious decision, I landed on my hands and knees protecting my stomach.  I can only imagine how I must have looked, but I try not to.  I would be horrified to see it, I'm sure. 
This is the sidewalk where I tripped.  I took a picture of it today knowing I would write this post.

As I got up, and tried not to cry because my hands were really smarting, I surveyed the damage.  One knee was a tiny bit scraped and the other knee was. . . worse.  I found an old napkin in my car to wipe the trickle of blood running down my leg and hoped that it would stop before I got to the dr.  I didn't have time to get a band-aid. 

I checked in with the front desk and then went back to the bathroom.  I cleaned up my leg and went back out.  I felt like everyone was looking at me like a battered woman.  When Linda called me back I asked her if she had a band-aid for my knee.  She looked back at me and freaked out.  Before I got to the exam room, she sat me down, and soon I had three nurses and my dr working on my boo boo.  Disinfecting, and bandaging (getting creative because its not what they typically deal with here) and asking me a million questions. 

I love attention.  I was in heaven.

Then when the dr was measuring my belly (every girl's dream come true!) he asked if I had any cramping.  I didn't but I'm not gonna lie, I thought about telling him I did.  He would induce labor and I suddenly saw my way out of parent teacher conference next week.  I told the truth and I was on my way home with a bandaged knee. 

At parent teachers the next week, a coworker asked what happened.  I told him this story.  His response: "If I was in a parking lot and saw a woman your size fall, I would get the heck out of there!  I'd be worried you would explode!"

Chivalry at its finest.

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