Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Welcome to Olive The Things!  I'm Kimberly and this is my family.

I previously blogged at I'm Probably Crazy.  I decided to re-brand so that my blog and etsy shop had the same name.  Like so many before me, I struggled to name my blog in the beginning, especially when you're not totally sure what your blog will become yet.  Too bad I can't go back and rename my children now.  Instead of Olivia and Axel they would be Excitement and Cranky.  Just kidding (you have to say that in print because jokes don't always come across with out the tone of voice).

Anyway, I'll be here full time by the end of July, but if you want to join in the fun a little early I would love to have you follow me on BlogLovin'
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NAQ (Never asked questions)

What kind of posts do you have here on Olive The Things?
Mostly just my day to day thoughts and ramblings, occasionally a recipe or a picture of my kid.  Not many weekend recaps unless something interesting happens (I just don't care what people ate for lunch, UNLESS they loved it so much that I should go there, make sense?)

When will your shop be open? 
It was supposed to be open this past May, but my apartment was too small to facilitate a work space and the opening is TBA, but for sure there will be a giveaway when it opens!

What is your middle name?

What books have you recently read?
Since Axel was born in January, I read Bossypants, re read Diary of a Mad Bride, and started Cooking for Kings (interesting but not the easiest read)

Why do you blog?
Because I have words just dying to get out!  When I was in between blogs I would just itch for a place to tell my stories, so I went back to blogging.  Plus I like having friends I can tweet with in the morning in my bathrobe. 

Thank you for stopping by!  We'll talk soon.

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