Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Five Little Confessions: Hoarding

Once a month Aubrey, Carrie, Jacquelyn and I team up to bring you the 5 Little Confessions link up!  You can confess anything your little heart desires.  And link up!

Since I talked about my hoarding "problem" on Monday I decided to make that the theme of today's post.  I have to laugh because my living room is perfectly clean, Adam just took two car loads to the dump and thrift stores respectively and I've been dejunking for the past few weeks, so I'm making a LOT of progress.  I still have some things to confess though :)

1.  When my cousin was helping me move from my aunt's basement to my new apartment, he dropped a box with a glass item in it (sorry to be vague, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings).  I was bummed that it didn't break because I didn't want to keep it, but I felt too bad to give it away.  I have since given it away :)

2. Most people that move a lot are good at going through things and getting rid stuff.  Not me!  Every time we move it's like "We're just going to move again soon so I'll deal with this crap then"  I'm finally dealing with it now. (Four moves since we got married five years ago.  Two moves for me while we were dating but not married, so six in six years)

3. I've been working on using it all up, but I had three different containers of dish washer detergent in my cupboard.  I would try one, it would make my dishes cloudy so I'd try something else.  But I kept them all.  Now we have soft water so they're all pretty good and I can use them up and clear out space!

4. Also with lotions.  I never wanted to completely use a lotion that I really loved the smell of so I would try not to use a lot.  At our last apartment I put all of my lotions in one basket and systematically tried to use up as many partial bottles as possible.  I'm getting there.

5. There are somethings I don't have a problem throwing/giving away.  Things that are not a full set.  Olivia and Axel lost one of their blocks and I wanted to chuck the whole thing.  It doesn't even matter!  You don't need all 50 to have fun with it!  Also, I'm missing the green bowl in my nesting bowl set and it makes me sad EVERY DAY.  #OCDProblems


  1. I have a lot of shampoo & conditioner, because my Mom always buys it for me when it is on sale at her work! UGH! It is nice of her, but usually it is a brand I've never heard of or it is just the shampoo or the conditioner... ugh, I should just tell her to stop buying the stuff for me, but I don't want to hurt her feelings. So, I have a WHOLE shelf of shampoo in our linen closet! LOL!

    1. Just use it your for kids and husband and buy the nice stuff for yourself ;)

  2. i really really love using lotion and a lot of other things until it's all gone. i have so much of some things (like baby lips) that i had to make a rule i can't buy anymore until one is all the way gone.

    1. Now I do! When I moved into my apartment and realized I owned half of a BBW store I learned to love getting rid of another bottle ;)


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