Friday, May 23, 2014

The good, the bad and the ugly

The cute.
This week.  This week.  It's over, thank goodness.  It wasn't all bad.  Let's start with the good.  Always start with the good.  Or end with the good.  I can't remember.

The Good
-I got Olivia into a preschool!  I didn't know preschool registration happened so early in the year.  Most of my friends figured it out for their kids back in March, so I feel really lucky to have found a place close to our house.
-I got my two tank dresses for my etsy shop done for photographing (well, almost done so I know I'll finish them today!)

The Bad
-Our car broke down in Cedar City on Sunday, which extended our very short weekend trip by a day, effectively doubling our vacation.  Another hotel night, another hotel pool, another continental breakfast, and another Tunex bill.
-Axel has another ear infection.  He started crying in the night Wednesday night and Thursday morning I cleaned up puke twice before 8:30am.  Crying in his sleep and throwing up are the only two symptoms he had with his last ear infection so I took him right in, and we caught it early.

The Ugly
-Well, getting thrown up on isn't that pretty. 


  1. Why did you not get a hold of me! You know I live in Cedar City. I could have come rescue you!!!!!!!

    1. I totally should have! We were so concerned with getting a hold of my aunt and uncle, but I should have just texted Martha for your number. Our car was drive able so we weren't stranded thank goodness, but I would have been nice to have somewhere to hang out other than Dairy Queen :)

    2. Well if it ever happens again remember that we are here! It would have been fun to see you!


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