Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What Would You Do With . . . Flowers?

Aubrey and I are doing our What Would You Do posts today!!
Sometimes I'm great at working on my WWYD projects ahead of time, and sometimes I'm totally last minute.  This month was a last minute kind of time because of the two weeks worth of sickness here in our house, but I think it turned out so fun!

Yesterday I hauled my kids to Hobby Lobby so I could check out their fake flower situation.  They had so many beautiful options, honestly it was hard to choose.  Not a sponsored post, I was just super impressed.  I grabbed a large ranunculus-looking flower and a bunch of small pink ones and then went to the glass wear and snagged a glass bottle wrapped in hemp and a little tear dropped shaped one with a cork in it. 

In a stroke of luck I decided to swing by my sister-in-law's house on the way home to drop off a blanket I mended for her husband (this is my life as the family seamstress) and she loaded me up with knick knacks and some frames.

So this is what I pulled together with what I had:
The Beatrix Potter box set needs a little something else with it, but I couldn't find anything in time.

I wrapped a couple old books in brown craft paper and added some washi tape, topped with the drift wood from my Sis-in-law.  She also gave me the mercury glass star. 

Still a few things I want to change around, but it's a good start!
And since I had a few pink flowers left over, I made a little paper weight of sorts for the paper tray in my bedroom.
We don't need to refill the printer paper often so keeping flowers on top of the extra paper wont really be in the way.
Next month I'm so excited to see What Would You Do With Gold!  Fashion, interiors, jewelry. . . anyway that you want to show off your gold bling!

If you have any posts about decorating with flowers (even old ones!) link 'em up so we can all be inspired.  And for serious, join us next month!!


  1. your shelves are getting cuter by the second. your flower project was a great idea. i can't wait for gold!

    1. Thanks! I've never really decorated with flowers before. I haven't really decorated much at all because of how often I move, so this was fun!!

  2. I really love those shelves. You could totally make those and sell them on Etsy or something.

    1. Thank you! But all of the tools I used are at my dad's house, so I'll stick with sewing :)

  3. Love the idea of this, those shelves are TOO cute! Can't wait to read about the gold, definitely one of my favorite things right now!

    1. Thanks!! I have too many projects in mind for next month, gotta narrow it down!


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