Monday, June 9, 2014

The best birthday with 0 pictures (just kidding, I found one)

How do you know if a blogger had a good time?  They have 1000 pictures to prove it.  How do you  know if a blogger had a REALLY good time?  They were too busy having fun to take pictures. 
Thanks to Adam's smart phone, I have a few pictures from the park. This blog post wont be pictureless! 
That was Saturday.  Just a perfect day.  Loosely planned and everything just worked together perfectly.  And the weather???   Heavenly.

I started to tell you all about it, but it became too much "and then, and then, and then. . . "  Which is why I don't blog about my day to day life because I don't know how to write about events smoothly.  So here is a bulleted list.

  • Waffle Love food truck for breakfast
  • Quick change into swim suits and then swimming and lunch at the Black Ridge Reservoir.
  • Naps for the kids and art projects for me (check out my post on Wednesday!)
  • Skype with my parents
  • Dinner at Noodles
  • Play time at the park (evenings at the park are where it's AT!  Not too hot, and the kids can get worn out just before bed!)  
  • My brother Rob called me while we were at the park.  He's coming to Utah for TWO WEEKS!  I am so excited.  We never get Rob to come up here.  (I guess I should note that he's coming for work, but still!)
  • My sister met us at the park (she was in town for a wedding) and we went on to snow cones.  My brother stopped by my house while we were at dinner and texted me.  I was so sad we missed him!  But while we were eating our snow cone Adam said "Hey, there's Andrew and Martha."  We totally thought he was kidding, like it was just a look-a-like or something.  But no!  It was them!  Such a fun coincidence!!! 
  • A grocery store run at 10pm and I met my future best friend in the check out line.  She was so cute and we were laughing so hard about who knows what.  I don't know her name, and I probably can't pick her out of a line, but I just hope I come across her again someday.  
And that's it!  Seriously, I cannot believe how much we fit into one day!  Props to Adam for making it all happen :)  

(Don't forget that Wednesday is our What Would You Do Wednesday!  This month's theme is the color gold.  What would you do with gold??  Paint?  Wear?  Decorate?   Link up so we can see!!!)


  1. Sounds like a perfect birthday. What a cutie!

  2. I take a million pictures because it makes the blogging about my everyday life a lot easier. Picture, caption, repeat. Glad you had a fun day.

    1. True, writing about my day would have been 10x easier if I had pictures to go with it.


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