Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wherefore art thou blogger?

First, I need to recommend this book to you.

I finished reading it on Friday and it is good!  And I should mention that I checked it out from the library on Friday, so now you know how good. 

I think you'll love it if you love twitter (like I do) and I think you'll love it even if you're not totally sure what twitter is.  Okay maybe it helps to at least know what twitter is. 

Also, I've been thinking lately about blogging and why I do it.  I used to do it to:
a. write
b. become popular (hey, I'm just being honest!)
c. socialize/get comments

I've never done it to make money and I really don't think I ever will.  Nothing against blogging for money!  I really wish I could.  But I know it wouldn't be worth it to me.  The thing I hate most about blogging is promotion.  This is why I've been blogging for three years (actually more but three years of real effort) and only have like 50 followers (if you add them all up from various locations)

So I wanted to evaluate my current reasons for blogging.  I still love writing, but when it comes to being creative, lately I've been channeling that into my sewing, so it's lower on the list than it used to be.  I really don't think I'll ever be popular.  I'm just not willing to put the time in to promoting my blog.  That's okay with me.  And I still love making friends and getting comments, but I'm not thirsty for friends and social interactions like I used to be.  I've made a LOT of good friends here, and I would love to make more, but I don't NEED to. 

That pretty much sums up why I'm showing up here less and less.  The main reasons I hang around are:
a. I might regret it if I don't.  Someday I might really want this space to be here and so I keep it up.
b. I still have things I want to say, recipes I want to share.
c. To stay connected with the blogging community. 

There you have it!  I know that the more I blog the more I have to say (funny how that works) so I know I just need to do it more often, but right now I'm just enjoying my kids, enjoying the summer and trying to get my etsy shop off the ground (seriously hard.  See above: I hate promoting myself)


  1. I feel the same way. Well, kind of. Part of me wants to be a big blogger, popular, famous, a bazillion followers, and to make money off it. But, to get, you have to give, and the biggest thing I'm not willing to give is money. I don't want to put a lot of money into my blog. I put a lot of time into it, but that's because I am fostering friendships with it and it's a fun hobby for me. But, other than that.....

    1. Yeah I don't want to put money into my blog either. If I was eventually going to make money that would be one thing, but I'm just not willing to make that happen!

  2. I got really discouraged when my blog never became "big". I mean, everyone's telling me I'm hilarious, SO WHY DOESN'T EVERYONE LOVE ME? Stupid and egotistical, but there it is. But honestly, a big part of my blogging was just because I have a writing compulsion. I've always HAD to write something. For a long time I channeled this into my journal (I have, like, twenty volumes since middle school), but then I found blogging. But once I started writing my book, I found that I didn't NEED my blog so much. Which was nice. I had been getting really obsessive on my stats and comments, and it didn't feel great to link my self-worth to it so much. Now I blog because I don't want to lose the memories/photos, and to update distant relatives a bit. But I've finally accepted I'm never going to be a famous blogger and I've made my peace with it. I love reading your blog, though, I hope you never get burned out! It's probably creepy how well I feel like I know you now. Also, sorry to be creepy commenting on a really old post. I'm just creeping all over the place!


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