Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wanna watch the Bachelorette with me? Episode 4

I haven't been blogging the Bachelorette this season because it just got to be too much for me in seasons past.  But when Aubrey and I decided to watch last night's episode together I figured I might as well throw one up there for fun!  Confession, I only watched the first episode and last night, so I missed two weeks in there and it was hard to follow.  I need to go back and watch the other two episodes if I'm going to continue on.

On Andi: Is that a scarf or a baby blanket?

Rub a dub dub, six boys in a tub.

Dylan one-on-one
EIGHT YEAR RELATIONSHIP???  When did you start dating?  When you were TWELVE?

Dylan wants to be wearing a shirt that says "Ask me about my brother's funeral"

Andi says "Not bad." And I say, "Not good either."

Dylan starts to share his story after Andi beat it out of him.  She doesn't look interested, she looks like she's questioning him on trial.

Sitting across from each other doesn't really lend itself to heart felt conversation.  They might as well be on opposite sides of a banquette table.

Dylan has been through so much.  I don't understand why people who are so broken think it's a good idea to come on this show.  

Andi says she tried to keep it together in front of him, but it comes off as unfeeling.  If you're going to date someone, you should feel comfortable expressing your feelings.

Group Date
Let's go with the usual formula. 1 guy + 10 girls (or vise versa in this case) + any sporting event + winners stay, losers go home.

How come one team has real jerseys and the other team had to write their own numbers on?  Did the budget run out?

Funny how excited Patrick was for a five on one date.  Perspective I guess.

The Rosebuds win and the Five of Hearts mope around the stadium in a montage of sad music.

Josh goes on a little rant about losing.  Suuuuuper attractive.

Eric is my favorite and it makes me sad to know he's not around anymore.

In all the seasons of this show I've seen, they've never talked about the Mormon religion.  When contestants have been former members of the church they've usually skirted this issue or used words other than LDS vocabulary.  I wonder if they're editing it differently because he's passed away.

Marcus one-on-one
Look, my husband rocks a goatee, but some people just can't with out looking like a creeper.  Marcus is one of those people. 

M: Can we kiss in front of them?
A: No.
Good call girl, good call.

Andi: Is there a single bad thing about Marcus?
Me: YES!  That goatee!!

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony

Stealing Andi from the guy who hasn't had any time, when you already have a rose. . . NOT COOL.

Andi and Eric's fight is incredibly uncomfortable considering the outcome of Eric's life.

Now we sit down and discuss Andi's feelings about Eric's passing.  And this rubs me the wrong way because I'm sure A LOT of other people are more affected by it than Andi is.  She only knew him for such a short time.  But it IS good that they didn't just leave it as is.  So. . . mixed feelings.

Tonight's episode was kind of heavy, don't you think?  Let's go check out what Aubrey had to say about it!


  1. i know, i was really happy with her when she was respectful enough to not kiss in front of the other guys. i think eric turned out to be a...well.. out of respect for the dead i won't say anything bad about him. but dylan's date was SO AWKWARD. but i want him to stay because he is SO DAMN ATTRACTIVE. if i wasn't married.... good thing my husband will never read this ;)

    1. Dylan's date was SO bad! I think maybe he COULD be attractive if he did something different with his hair :)

  2. I love when you link up! You have the best things to so. Dylan is not ready for this! In a previous post I said his hair reminded me how out the boys wore it when we were in 7th grade in 1996.
    Hate Marcus' goatee. Why? It's terrible.
    I was wondering the same thing about the basketball jersey... what the?

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    1. You're the sweetest! I need to go back and watch the other episodes so I can read your blog posts about it!!

  3. I'm still uncomfortable with the whole Eric leaves sitch and still so sad. Best part of the episode for sure was watching with you. Let's do it again soon!

    1. Yeah someone I was talking to wondered why they didn't just leave him out all together. But that didn't seem fair to me either. . . I don't know it's just so sad.

  4. I'm going to have to agree with Dylan not being ready for a relationship, even though he opened up he still looks so closed off. I agree that Andi should have shown emotion while he was telling her.
    The jersey thing was funny to me, I noticed that too.
    I think that Andi got a little too upset over what Eric was telling her - he was being 100% open and honest, and yeah sometimes it hurts, but at least you know what he is feeling and thinking. I was uncomfortable watching their argument too, and I still don't know how I feel about the ending of that episode other than my heart hurts that Eric is no longer with us.

    1. Yeah Andi totally over reacted. Why is she allowed to say things like that to him, but he's not allowed to express his frustrations. But I'm sure a lot of us would over react if we were that exhausted too. I just think she could have done a better job apologizing at the end of the episode.


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