Wednesday, October 1, 2014

5 Little Confessions: Clothes

Once a month Aubrey, Carrie, Jacquelyn and I team up to bring you the 5 Little Confessions link up!  You can confess anything your little heart desires.  And link up!

When the first of the month is a Wednesday, Five Little Confessions seems to come around even quicker than usual!  This month I decided to tell you all about my clothing and shopping habits!

1. I wear a size 12 pants.  My ideal size is an 8.  I feel really good about being an 8.  I've lost more weight and my 12s are a little loose, so I'm happy about that!

2. I buy all my jeans from the thrift store.  Especially since I want to keep losing weight, spending a lot on jeans doesn't make sense.  It's nice to know that I don't have to pay more than $8 a pair (that's how much all jeans are at Savers)

3. I pretty much refuse to shop at WalMart.  I've never cared for their stores and then when Elizabeth Ivie told her story here, I just decided to stop shopping there.  But I do go about once a year to shop the Bella Bird selection, since I feel in some way that I'm supporting local designers, even if it is via WM. 

4. I often want to take outfit pictures for my blog, but I'm worried that Adam doesn't like taking them for me. 

5. I only have a certain number of hangers (although I don't know what that number is, I've never counted them) and when I get a new shirt I have to give one away so that I have a hanger for it.  It's my little system to not get overwhelmed with clothes I don't love.


  1. LOL! I know Brian gets tired of taking outfit photos for me. lol! But, I make him!! That is a good way to make sure you don't get too many clothes in your closet... I do have a lot of extra hangers, but I usually keep them on the line in the laundry room. Congrats on losing some weight! Oh, and my mom takes the kids into Savers to let them pick out a toy or two every so often, I've never been in there... $8 for a pair of jeans is a steal!

    1. I don't even have a good photo spot picked out at this house yet! I need to find one!

  2. i'll take your outfit pics any time because i hate asking people too. sometimes my co-workers do a good job, and sometimes they don't. i better hurry it up and get all those pants to you before they don't fit.

    1. I'll wear something really cute next Tuesday and we can snap pics while we get our non-coffee. :) And I can always take them in!!


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