Monday, October 20, 2014

Living my dream

When I was 6 or 7 my friend's grandma gave each of us a large box of fabric.  I don't remember if I loved fabric before that (who can remember that far back!?!) but I know that I loved using that box of fabric to make . . . oh gee, lots of things.  I don't know if you can really name what I made.  Maybe crap?  Ha!  I wasn't allowed to use a sewing needle (At least not at my friends house, my mom probably would have let me) so we stapled a lot of fabric together to make clothes for our toys.
I got a child's sewing machine when I was 8 (guessing).  It was broken half the time and I really needed something better.  I dropped out of dance classes to take sewing classes when I was 9 and then for my 10th birthday I got my very own sewing machine!  It's the one I still use today (well, as soon as I get it tuned up, I'll be using it again!).

I've done a lot of "crafting" (hate that word, I'm an ARTIST, not a crafter) Crochet, knitting, needle point, etc etc.  But I feel like I always go back to sewing.  I majored in Family and Consumer Science (the new name for Home Ec) I took a lot of cooking, interior design and sewing.  Funny thing, I didn't take pattern making because the class intimated me too much.  And now I make my own patterns for every piece in my shop!  If I could go back in time. . .

All this to say, sometimes I feel like a fraud.  Like who am I to try and make a mark in the baby/toddler clothing world?  But when I look back at my story, I almost wonder if I ever had a choice? 
What is my goal?  I would love to make 2-3 sales a week.  I don't know if I can handle more than that, but that is a bridge we'll cross when we get there!  And sometimes I wonder if I should just make these clothes for my own kids and would that be enough?  But I think, no.  It wouldn't.  I'm just living on this high I get from sharing my looks with the world (or the small section of the world I share with on instagram!)

What is your life dream?  That hobby you just can't get away from?

*All sweatshirts in this post were designed and sewn by me and are available for purchase here


  1. I have a few life dreams: become a history professor and a famous fantasy/historical fiction author. The second dream has been on hold since my life got busy as I entered college. The first dream is on hold until we can afford for me to get my masters and PhD.

    1. Don't worry about putting them on hold. I'm realizing that if it's really important to you, it will find a way. :)

  2. I think this is totally doable! I have seen some people start Etsy shops and they also have IG shops and they have just taken off! I will keep my fingers crossed for you! I just got Autumn her first sewing machine, she'll get it for her 6th birthday next month. It isn't a 'real' sewing machine, but she can sew projects safely with it and I won't have to worry or be by her side constantly. She loves watching me sew, not that I sew nearly as much as you...

    1. Aw thank you!! I have high hopes, but marketing myself has never been easy for me! I'm excited for Autumn to get her own sewing machine!! That's so great you're supporting her interests!


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