Monday, October 6, 2014

My personality and following the prophet

If you're LDS, you know who Thomas Monson is.  Not only do we as members of the church know him to the be the Prophet of God today on the earth, he's also an incredible human being, who is known for his ministering to the individual.

My friend Sierra was posting her personality type as well as the personality types of some of the apostles who were speaking during General Conference yesterday.  She posted President Monson's (ESFP) and so I looked up a little test and took it.  I'm an ENTJ.  I googled it and read a little bit about this personality type.  Other than being extroverted, I'm exactly opposite of President Monson.

President Monson's personality really leads him to look at the details and to be concerned with the feelings of others.  I'm more big picture and while I understand the feelings of others, they don't really direct my decisions.  In church, when we talk about the importance of ministering to the one, I agree!  But I also feel so overwhelmed.  Looking at all the little details is not my strength. 

I think we need all types of people to make this world and this church go round.  People who want to focus on the details can do that, knowing there are people like me keeping an eye on the big picture. At the same time, knowing my weakness, I can focus on them a little more and work to be better at ministering to the one.

Everyone is needed, every talent can be used for good (or bad!).  Learn about yourself and your talents and practice using them for good.  Look at your weaknesses and work on being a little bit better at those things too.  That's my goal, anyway.

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