Monday, March 17, 2014

House Tour: Master Bedroom (sneak peek)

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Sometimes when house work feels out of control, it's good to just take one little area and really clean it and make it beautiful.  I'm sure I'm not the only mom whose bedroom comes last in the cleaning list.  But really, my dresser is the first thing I look at every morning and it was CHAOS!  It had never really been organized since we moved in and it was just sort of a dumping place for. . . everything.  Books, jewelry, receipts, hair accessories, gum, pens and pencils, etc, etc, etc. 

But today!  Today I got a little tray for the printer paper at Target and decided to finally get this space under control.  And it has just made everything so much more cheerful!  This area has to kind of double as an office space and our dresser.  Since we have a laptop, we don't really have a computer desk, nor do we have the space for one.  Which means our dresser became the home of our printer and computer paper.  (The open space in the middle of the dresser is where we put the computer when we're printing something.)

I have a before picture, but really the only change is swapping their furniture for ours.  I did feel like the dark heavy wood really over powered this smaller master bedroom, so I do prefer our shorter white dresser.  But other than that it's not a huge change :)  And I'm going to call this a middle, not an after because there are still improvements I would like to make (like having only ONE change jar and not two. . . baby steps guys)


The little frame in the middle is from Fiji.  Never did get pictures printed to put inside.  Someday. Someday.
A picture that includes our crappy blinds, for reference.


  1. I use a laptop too, so I keep my wireless/bluetooth printer in my walk-in closet on a shelf in there. I do need to plug it in, but I only plug it in if I need to use it, which isn't too often. lol. I am loving your home tour, plus I am sure it is encouraging you to clean/organize! I want to do a room by room tour of my house in time! Loving yours!

    1. It's so fun to see other houses and the way that they decorate!

  2. Smart to make it look pretty! I hate printers. Once we had ours in the laundry closet which worked out okay. Now it's out on our kitchen counter but you can't see it because it's hidden behind the fridge in a nook

    1. Thanks! We only just got a printer, so I hated trying to find a place for it, but I super duper love it when I need to print a picture for Olivia to color.


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