Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wanna watch the Bachelor Finale with me?

Aubrey, Ashely and I have finally made it to the end of this season.  I thought the finale would never come.  Now Chris Harrison can admit how much he doesn't like Juan Pablo. 

Clare's Day
Her whole family speaks Spanish but not her.  Bet she's wishing she had made that more of a priority now.  

Wow, saying that if she has three girls she'll keep on trying for a boy. . .  sexist much, family of Juan Pab?

Nikki's Day 
JP's dad is telling Nikki that Juan Pab is not an eeesee guy.  JP's mom told Clare that he was rude.  His parents don't sugar coat it for them do they???

JP's cousin asks how much like Nikki likes fighting because apparently he's very difficult to get a long with.

Nikki knows Juan Pablo on a different level than his family.  She knows him better after six weeks than his family, who has know him all his life.

And they kiss on the very same bench as he kissed Clare.

When Juan Pablo says "I'm so glad you signed up for this," I'm almost positive that he's going to choose Nikki in the end.

Clare Again
So Clare is offended by something that JP whispered on the helicopter.  Let's start a chant: More virgin bachelors, more virgin bachelors, more virgin bachelors. . .

If Clare has been with guys who only want one thing, why not try. . . not giving them that thing???

Who met my family, who met Camilla, who met my mom, who met my dad? You did!  And Nikki.

So basically JP helps Clare feel all better by telling her she can have a baby.

Did Juan Pablo just break the rules???

And now they're making out, so his tactic of telling her that he didn't want something physical totally got him what he wanted. . .

Seeing Sean in the audience, AHHHHH!!!!!!! There is NO comparison.  He is so cool and JP is just ug, I'm so over him.

Nikki Again
Nikki says JP is one of the most amazing people she's ever met.  She must have had a lot of crappy people in her life.

And I'm just noticing JP's man capris.

What's better than watching two people kiss?  Watching the people watching those people kiss.  #AudienceCam

Getting Ready/Rose Ceremonies
Nikki says every girl dreams of this day.  The day that her boyfriend breaks up with his other girlfriend and proposes to you. 

Nikki says today will be one of the best days of her life.  So is she hoping that JP will propose or break up with her?  Could you be more clear Nik?

Chris Harrison hits on Clare.

Clare is first.  History shows us that first is the worst and second is best, when it comes to the final rose.

If Juan Pablo was honest, why did he tell her she could have his baby in a year?????

I bet Chris H slipped Clare his phone number as she walked away.

Neil Lane didn't want to be on the show with Juan Pab, or there was too much "drama" to waste time showing the ring selection?

Juan Pablo is right up there.  May the odds be ever in your favor. -- Chris Harrison

You know?  I think he's smart not to propose.  And Nikki can save that moment for a guy who truly loves her.

I really don't think I'm going to blog After The Final Rose.  Peace out!!

We're done, we did it!  Check out Aubrey and Ashley to see if they made it.  One or more may have died.  I know I was close.


  1. He was wearing man capris??! Lol. Wish I would have noticed that. Be glad you spared yourself from ATFR. It was a sh*t show!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    1. Oh I totally watched it, I just didn't blog about it. It's all on the twitter.

  2. Totally noticed the man pris #notafan. Yes, I'm hashtagging comments now. Don't get me wrong, I really really don't like the guy, but I feel a teeny tiny bit bad for him. Even his family thinks he sucks. Nikki better run fast. I'm pretty sure she will. At least I hope so. Loved Sean and Catherine as always. Hallelujah we all survived the longest most controversial and probably most awkward (didn't know it could get more awkward than Des) season of the bach ever. Bring on Andi...and hopefully bach pad!

    1. SO GLAD IT'S OVER. Definitely the most awkward.


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