Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Super easy jewelry hanger

I'm not a big jewelry person.  I love my earrings but Axel likes to rip them out, so I'm a break from them.  But the few pieces of jewelry I do own was everywhere.  I have two closet earring hangers, they have little pockets for each pair, so they aren't a problem, but my necklaces and bracelets didn't really have a home.

I looked at some options on etsy, but the one I really wanted was sold and I couldn't find anything else like it.  I thought about doing cute knobs from Hobby Lobby but they were like 8 dollars a piece!  That's a tad much.  Plus a huge commitment to screw something that big into your wall. 

I thought about thumb tacks but I wanted something a little cuter.  So I had a idea to hot glue cute buttons on to thumb tacks.  I got some cute buttons at Hobby Lobby.  They were a little expensive as far as buttons go (I think $3 for four buttons) but way better than the pretty knobs I was looking at before. 

So that's the tutorial.  Just hot glue them onto your thumb tacks.  Yes they still had the shank on (the loop on the back that allows you to sew it on) and maybe I could have found a way to remove it but I didn't care that much and it isn't really a problem.  You just have to hold it still for a second while the glue cools to the touch. 


  1. This is such a good idea! Easy and inexpensive too!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle
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