Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wanna watch the Bachelor with me? Women Tell All!!

Aubrey, Ashely and I are nearing the end of the Bachelor train.  Thank goodness.

When I sit down to write my bachelor posts, I don't force myself to write a certain amount.  I even go back and delete things because I have so much and I only want to keep the best.  But this time, this is really all I have to say. 

Half an hour in to the show and I haven't written a single thing.

Chris makes Sharleen "take a look back" at her journey on the show, and I hear Sharleen quietly whisper "oh no."

Have Sharleen's eyebrows always been that pointy?

Ah, Sharleen's sleepless nights have nothing to do with Juan Pablo.  The editors will take whatever they can get, won't they?


Renee has incredible cheekbones. #ThingsIThinkWhenISeeHerOnTheCloseUpCam

Hahaha!  Juan Pablo poking fun at himself for saying "Eees okay" is awesome.

I don't think Cassandra and Renee were extra special to him, I think he just calls them his special ones because he looked at them differently.  Obviously if they were more special to him they would have been the final two.

"Who's on team Clare?"  Chris H seriously expects no one raise their hands.

I just feel like there was nothing new to say tonight.  I usually have the longest posts of the three of us, so let's go see if Aubrey and Ashley have written more than me this week!


  1. You're right. There really wasn't much to say about it. I did like how JP made fun of himself with the whole "ees ok" thing. Hope the finale and ATFR is more exciting!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    1. I know! Next week looks so dramatic! But they always do. . .

  2. sharleen's eyebrows have always been that pointy. i love how i still don't know how to spell her name and never bother to look it up. we should get some peeps together to watch next week except the whole it's 3 hours thing kind of makes it hard to gather for that long.

    1. Whoa, yeah, three hours is maybe too much for a week night!

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