Monday, March 10, 2014

Why I had kids

I've seen a trend lately on blogs.  Girls admitting that they're still busy enjoying their freedom to have kids just yet.  And I respect that.  I was single for a long time (according to Mormon land) and I loved every second of most of it.  So I feel like I got my turn at living my life selfishly. 

When I got married we decided to have kids relatively quickly.  I didn't really think about it that much (and that's why I think it's good to recognize you like being selfish, because I think I took that for granted mostly) I just knew I wasn't getting any younger.  While I loved my life and honestly wasn't baby hungry AT ALL, I knew I would regret it in the future if I didn't have children now.

Basically I follow the Michael Scott reason for having children:

I like big families, and I really love my two babies, but I'm also excited for them to grow up. I just love having people around.  My best memories of home is when we were older and could play board games together and laugh and hang out.

I loved Olivia so much I didn't think I could ever love another child as much as I loved her, but I knew I wanted more kids because what would my life have been with out siblings?  Way too much attention from my parents, that's what!  (Jk mom and dad. . . maybe)  I figured it would be selfish of me to not let her have some built in friends.

And yeah, I like built in friends too.  Maybe 100 is a bit much.  We'll call it as we go.

(PS I'm always SO BAD about giving you information about my link ups, but on Wednesday Aubrey and I are making What Would You Do Wednesday a link up and the topic is: 1 yard of fabric! So come and link up your craft posts using one yard (or less) of fabric)


  1. I was never in a huge rush to have kids... my brother was 6 years older then me, so I never really knew what it was like to have a baby around and babies made me nervous. :) But, I love being a Mom... I do miss my freedom, but so what? I love them too much to care. :)

    1. While my loss of freedom came as a bit of a shock initially, I got over it pretty quick and now I don't notice all that much.

  2. I've always wanted kids...I wanted to be a mom for far longer and much more than I wanted to be wife (I really wanted to get married, too, but having a child of my own was definitely higher on the list).

  3. Your freedom will return and then you'll have grandkids and you'll wonder what you ever did without them!!!! :-)


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