Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Day in the life

As a blogger, "A day in the life" posts seem seriously narcissistic.  But as a blog reader, they are some of my favorite to read.  Something about knowing how other people pass the day makes me feel more normal/gives me ideas for things to do with my kids!  The main thing I've learned is that Olivia cannot entertain herself as well as most of my friends' kids can.  Hopefully it's a learned ability, we certainly keep working on it!

6:00 am Axel wakes up to eat and I'm super impressed he slept until 6.  Lately he's been pushing for 5:30 and ever since our trip to CO I've been letting him.  He goes right back to sleep and I try to stay awake (Adam has been gone for 30 minutes) but we spent good money on our bed and it should not be wasted.  So I snuggle back in.

7:20 I wake up for no reason.  But I decide to read my scriptures and shower before the kids wake up.  Since they are still sleeping when I'm done, I catch up on twitter and insta back in my super delicious bed.

8:20 Axel wakes up.  I know Olivia has been awake for a while, but she hasn't called for me.  I get Axel and we both go get Olivia up.  She loves when we both get her.  I nurse Axel while Olivia watches Sofia the First.  Then oatmeal for everyone!

9:00 Kids and I play in Olivia's room and I sneak away for minutes at a time to do my hair and make up.

10:00 Target trip! I got some fun things for Olivia in an attempt to help her play independently.  Sidewalk chalk, a notebook with lined paper, stickers and play dough. 

10:45 Nap time for Axel.  Olivia plays with sidewalk chalk, but is not impressed.  Olivia plays with play dough.

11:30 Axel wakes up and I'm relieved because now he'll take his long nap when Olivia takes hers.  Olivia is done with play dough and moves on to stickers.

12:00 lunch for everyone!  Peanut butter and jelly for Olivia and orzo pasta for Axel and I.  It should be nap time after lunch, but since Olivia stopped watching TV during lunch, she can eat those three bites of sandwich in four minutes.  So after lunch we played and read books in her bedroom.

1:00 Nap time for Olivia.  Then I nursed Axel to sleep.  And then!  Me time.  I do a little blogging, watch a little TV.  Sometimes I sew during this time.

2:00 Axel woke up earlier than expected.  Dang constipation ruining our schedule.

3:00 Olivia wakes up and we play a little more playdough and then watch Little Einsteins.  (I always ask her if she would prefer Sofia or Einsteins so she feels like she's making the choice but either way I win because those are two shows I don't mind).  Adam comes home at 3:30 but then leaves to go have his car inspected.  6am-2:30 is his new work schedule, but he'll be working out after most days so he will be home at his usual 4-4:30.

4:00 I try to put Axel down for a nap several times, but no dice.  5pm is the point of no return.  If he hasn't napped by then, no nap for him until bedtime at 7pm.

5:00 I start making dinner and Adam gets back from the tire store.  I made chili and corn bread waffles.  The kids play while I cook (for a few seconds until Olivia decides to come and "help" in the kitchen)

6:00 We eat dinner.  Axel eats green beans, banana, and corn bread.  He stayed happy as long as we were feeding him!  After dinner both kids go into the tub.  Then I nurse Axel to sleep and give him a couple extra ounces of pumped milk.

7:00 Olivia and I read like 20 books in her room.  And only ten minutes pass!  Axel stirs so I go and give him some Tylenol for his teeth that are about to pop any day.  Olivia gets to watch some Team Umizoomi with dad (I would never allow that show because it bugs the heck out of me these days)

8:00 Olivia goes to bed.  Adam and I watch some netflix and I pump right before I go to bed at about 10. 

Everything about this day was so great until about 4pm and then Olivia just went into super destructo mood and tried to pull everything out and go crazy in the kitchen while I cooked dinner.  After her bath she was much more pleasant! 


  1. These are my favorite posts as well. I love peaking in to other people's lives. It's so hard when they don't nap!! Charlie was never effected by teeth, but Walker was! What are you watching on Netflix now?

    1. Ah! Teething is so elusive. I'm never one hundred percent sure that the fussiness is actually caused by teething because it comes and goes and comes again and still no teeth! Well, he finally did get them and he stopped waking up in the night so I'm pretty sure I was right.

      We're watching Rules of Engagement. It was my husband's pick, and it's not too bad. We usually prefer shows like Bones or Lost, so a light sitcom is different but fun.


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