Monday, September 23, 2013

Art for Olivia's room

We're getting a house!!!

I still can't believe it.  So happy.  But also, the first time I've ever been able to really make a space my own.  Roommates and rentals have made it impossible to really fulfill my visions.  The scary part is, no more excuses!  Money is my only excuse, but I think I can do pretty well on a budget, so we'll see!

One thing I'm excited about, but having a hard time nailing down in my mind, is Olivia's bedroom.  When asked what color she wanted in her room she said "sparkly".  I also wanted to do a collage of sweet girl things.  I'm trying to decide between a gallery wall and a cork board.  Maybe both, on different walls.

One piece of art that's very important in LDS (Mormon) culture is our temples.  We our encouraged to teach our children about the importance of temples and to have pictures in our home so they are always on our mind.  But while most temple photos are beautiful, they just weren't what I had in mind for my girls room.

I eventually found this sketch of the Los Angeles Temple (where we were married) and I love it.  Guess what?  It's super tiny.  They don't make large prints of it.  It's just a temple recommend holder (the size of a credit card)

And then, light bulb!  I thought to check etsy (don't know why that wasn't my first thought) and here are some awesome pieces I found.  Which one do you like best?

By Lily Gene, the San Diego Temple silhouette
I love that you can customize your temple and color.  I would pick the LA, just because it's where we were married.

By Gewaly Art, the Oquirrh Mountain Temple
They don't have the LA temple print available, but we lived by the Oquirrh Mountain Temple when Olivia was born, so it is also special to us.

By Cherish Me Designs, the LA Temple
I love how vintage this print looks.  It fits much better with what I want for Olivia's room.

By Acorn to Zebra Collage, the LA Temple collage
I love how quirky and fun this print is. 

Which one is your fav?  Do you know anyone who sells temple sketches like the first one?  I love the others, but I still love the first one the most!!!


  1. The temple silhouette is definitely my favorite!

    1. You're the second one to say that! I think we have a winner :)

  2. These are such unique pieces! I love the silhouette! so gorgeous!

    1. That one sure seems to be the favorite! :)


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