Monday, September 16, 2013

Intentionally white

I used to have an interior design blog.  I guess I still have it.  But, I dunno, I'm just feeling like all blogging needs to be centralized and I'm going to centralize it here.  So yeah, no more Design Salt.  Instead, I'm going to do the occasional interior design post here.  With my etsy shop, and doing some sewing for my sister-in-law's company, I don't think I'll be offering design services any time soon (which was kind of the point of that blog)  And now that we're looking for a house (TO BUY!  So happy) I'm starting to be excited for interior design again.  I want to share, but I'm not willing to help you with specific questions.  (TOTALLY joking.  I would gladly help if you need it.  Just let me know) 

All that to say, I'm thinking about paint colors for the new house.  Gah!  What is it about town houses?  It feels like most people are getting their own space for the very first time (like we will) and they're just so dang excited to paint!  Paint all the things!  Paint all the colors!  Well, the house we're hoping to make an offer on like today has a dark brown and blue living room.  A yellow and red kitchen.  And I can't remember what the bedrooms are, maybe just taupe. 

Imagine that we do move in there.  First I'm going to have to correct the living room, because dark brown?  Royal blue?  I can't.  (I don't want to show pics in case, I don't know, they find it or something.  Silly, but the internet can be a smaller place than we know)  Also, I really want a new couch but let's be real, we're not going to be able to afford new furniture right away.  It's going to be a work in progress (which I think is the best kind!)

Am I crazy for wanting white walls?  I know, I know, we all grew up with them and we promised we would never.  But I don't want that egg shell color that comes standard in tract homes, I want my walls to look intentionally white.

Oh wait, why white?  Because I currently prefer grays and blues and white works better than the tans and taupes we're seeing so much lately.

Here are some white I'm considering (source)

Extra white by Sherwin Williams: This feels very minimalistic like what you would see in a Scandanavian home, which is my main inspiration for the designs in my new home. 

Pure White by Sherwin Williams: This just feels classy.  I love it with the black, but I'm wondering how it would pair with a navy (I thinking of doing a simple couch cover in navy, to help me feel better about not getting a new couch just yet)

Dune White by Benjamin Moore: I like that this one has a gray undertone, but I worry that it will make the living room feel too cold.  Is that possible when you have a tiny living room?  Maybe it would be a good thing.

Natural Choice by Sherwin Williams: I love the earthiness of this one, but I worry that it will look too "egg shell"  I love love love the way it's styled in this home, however.  It looks great with the dark wood accents.

Which one is your favorite?  And please tell me you didn't paint your kitchen red.  I just can't see one more red kitchen (like half the houses we've looked at have red kitchens)


  1. Red kitchens? I don't think I have ever seen a red kitchen.

    1. Oh my goodness, maybe it's a Utah thing. It just makes the space look so much smaller!

  2. I like the first one with some color in the furniture and wall hangings. :-)

  3. My landlady totally has a campbell soup themed completely red kitchen. I don't know, I feel like that would stress me out while I cooked.

    I like the first and second pictures! I dig "intentionally white" rooms. They feel so fresh!

    1. Whoa, that kitchen sounds intense.

      Yes! Fresh is what I want. :)


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