Friday, September 20, 2013

Five Favorites on Friday: Old Movies

What is it about fall that makes me want to snuggle into the couch with some cocoa or apple cinnamon herbal tea with honey and watch a movie?  Not just any movie, but old movies from like the 60s.  Ah, it feels cooler in here just thinking about it.  No, wait, that's the AC kicking on.  Anyway. . .

Here are my five favorite old movies.

1. Summer Magic: This one is great to watch in September since the movie takes you from summer into fall.  It's one of Hayley Mills lesser known rolls.  And it's wonderfully charming.

2. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers: Doesn't getting snowed in a cabin with a bunch of cute boys sound so romantic???

3. Pillow Talk: I'm still in denial that Rock Hudson was gay.

4. Yours, Mine and Ours: Lucille Ball!  I love her.  This movie is so sweet and funny, a rare combo.

5. Ben Hur: Probably more of a spring time movie, since it's contemporary with the resurrection of Christ, but I just love it in the fall too.


  1. Have you seen "Philadelphia Story"? Jimmy Stewart AND Cary Grant, fighting over Katherine Hepburn!

    1. I have not! But it sounds awesome!!! I need to rent it.

  2. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is my FAVORITE!!!!


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