Monday, February 10, 2014

House Tour: Kitchen

My new friend in the neighborhood suggested we do a kid swap twice a week.  I take her daughter for a couple hours on Tuesday and she takes Olivia for a couple hours on Thursday.  While Olivia is gone, Axel takes his morning nap!  And I get a couple bonus hours of free time.  This week I used my time to deep clean the kitchen.

It only took 30 minutes!  It's amazing how much you can get done when you're not being pulled on every five minutes.

Then I used the rest of my time taking pictures and playing Frozen Free Fall on the iPad (try it!  It's just like candy crush but SO pretty because it's based on the movie Frozen!)

Of course I'm going to blog the pictures. Ha!  I'm a little bummed though that my paint doesn't look nearly as beautiful in the pictures as it does in real life.  I need someone to come take pictures for me.  Anyone want to practice interior pics with their DSLR?  This is what the walls actually look like:

Anyway, on to my kitchen.


I decided to leave my sewing pile up because I didn't want to move it.  Also there is a vase of sticks above my spice rack that I took down after this picture.  I just stuck it there to see if it looked good and now two months later I'm deciding that it doesn't. 


That white cup next to the sink is there all day.  If I drink 7 of them it's a little more than 100 oz.  I usually make it to 4.


This is the most unkidfriendly (is that all one word?) dining room set of all time.  A new one is in the plans.  Also in the plans, a new light that we got for Christmas from Oilo, but haven't picked out yet. 

Maybe new tile someday.  And art on the walls, obviously.
I put some apples in a bowl just for these pictures.
Painting the cabinets white is in the plans for the summer, along with a new dining room set (my grandparent's vintage tulip style chairs!!!  I just need someone to haul them up from Orange County) and a new light fixture. 


  1. I would love to paint my cabinets white, but ohhh the thought of how much work and time it will take me has paralyzed me! It would cost a lot less than getting new ones, though. I am loving this house tour!! We need a new kitchen table, too... but, my kids dent and knock up everything, so we have held off on it. I love the new color!

    1. I know it's going to be so much work! But I'm hoping that in the summer my kids will be able to play outside while I work on them.
      That glass kitchen table will just never look clean while toddlers live in the house! And then the metal chairs are perfect for goose eggs on kids who practice gymnastics on them.

  2. obviously i want to come use my dslr to take pics of your kitchen and anywhere else in your house. it would prob be best in the day light, but i'll bring my camera on monday and we can see how it goes.

  3. I will for sure have to have you come take pic during daylight hours when I get it all decorated the way I want. So in like two years. ;)


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