Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wanna watch the Bachelor with me? Week 7

This week is fun because it's the week that Aubrey and I had our viewing party! Which just means we watched it together.  And poor Ashley had a car accident that prevented her from posting last week, but she is back this week! 

You kiss your daughter with those lips!?!

Do you think he's going to have each of the girls baby sit Camilla for a night to see how they do together?

How far do you think I could go on this show with out kissing the bachelor?  Because I need a vacation and this seems like a great way to get a free one.

1x1 with Sharleen
Sharleen opens the card as if it contains anthrax.

Adam takes note that while Sharleen gets ready for her date she has time for a pose on the balcony.

Clare: What is Sharleen?  Are we unsure if she's human?

If we keep saying the word "trouble" it's going to stop sounding like a word.

Juan Pablo asks about how her career will fit with his lifestyle.  If I don't know what Sharleen just said, there is no way that Juan Pablo does.

Juan Pablo says "You're more than welcome." And smiles as if he was impressed with how many words he was able to just string together.

Right in the middle of a major makeout session, Olivia's (my two year old) iPad game starts playing the song "Do What is Right" #CanWeSayPerfectTiming

"I like the words you use."  I don't understand them, but I like the way your mouth looks when you say them.

Sharleen gets home and runs to Renee, the house mama.

1x1 with Nikki
What are we doing, where are we going, what are you going to buy me?  (I added that last one, but it seems like something Nikki would say, no?)

Nikki says she's flattered to go to Camilla's recital but I think she means annoyed.

Nikki's shirt stays in place with the help of some seriously strong tape. 

Sharleen does the right thing
The girls frown on the outside, but jump for joy on the inside.

Group Date
Chelsie's mom tells her in her letter to keep her clothes on.  As Chelsie reads this to Jaun Pab, her clothes are literally falling off.

The story Clare is telling about her dad is seriously the only thing she can talk about.

And in the ultimate act of betrayal, Juan Pablo kisses Andi in the ocean while Clare and the other girls fly over head.

This fight between Nikki and Clare is the dumbest thing that I have ever seen.

Cocktail/Rose Ceremony
Sweet Chelsie tries to strike up a conversation about jewelry and for the first time I see Chelsie as more mature than some of the other girls.  At least she wants everyone to get a long.

Nikki is rocking a 1980's Barbie doll dress.

Juan Pablo sits down and wisely separates Nikki from the rest of the girls.  And Chris Harrison couldn't clink that glass soon enough.

I panicked for a second thinking that he might pick Chelsie over Renee.  Don't send Mama home!!!!

"It's nice to date a good guy for once."  I'm thinking she'll change her mind once she watches this season.

Once again, I think I was starting to like Chelsie right when she has to leave.

Woop woop, now go read what Aubrey and Ashley have to say!


  1. i think adam's commentary was my favorite part of the show. that or the ipad playing do what is right. totally forgot to post about the rose ceremony dresses. oh well. i was basically falling asleep writing my post.
    on a completely unrelated topic, someone posted scott hamilton's i am second video on FB today. i now want to go watch all the videos.

  2. Can't believe Nikki met his famil this week!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    1. I know! It really makes me think she'll be the last one standing.


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