Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wanna watch the Bachelor with me? Week 6

 Aubrey, Ashley and I are once again bringing you the best in Bachelor.

I miss Chris Harrison introducing the girls to their hotel room.

So many of the girls are upset that Andi gets her first one on one before they get their second.  I can understand that this is a difficult situation, but fair is fair girls.

1x1 with Andi
I believe that this is the first one piece swimsuit that has ever been on the Bachelor.  I honestly thought they weren't allowed.

I'm getting claustrophobic just watching this. 

If a guy really planned these dates, all of the New Zealand dates would be Lord of the Rings themed. 

Andi doesn't care that her dinner got ruined.  She that's the difference between dating and marriage.  I would be pissed if my dinner got ruined.  I'm thinking about eating another dinner just to make up for Andi's missed meal.

Basically Andi wouldn't mind being homeless as long as she was in love.

Group Date
My grandparents used to live in New Zealand and I never went to visit them, but my cousin and I started planning a trip and zorbing was definitely on our list of things to do. 

When they exit the giant hamster ball, it looks like they're being born.  Ew.

Oh shoot, they totally pulled in Lord of the Rings.

"How do you think I'm feeling?"  Sharleen is preparing Juan Pablo for marriage.

Cassandra goes on and on about what a great guy Juan Pab is.  I'm guessing last weeks episode could change her mind. . .

Oooh kay, Cassandra goes home.  When they alluded to it I was worried it was Renee.

1x1 with Clare
Juan Pablo puts a blanket down on a field of ROCKS.  Why would they want to sit there????

Clare is talking in a sweet baby voice, that means she feels the opposite of what she's saying. "I totally understand" means "I will cut you".

"I like listening to you" means, Juan Pablo is only picking up every third word of this monologue.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony
Nikki can't explain why she likes Juan Pablo.  That is a problem.  It reminds me of this:
Mad props for Chelsie and Kat for being so nice to each other during this tense time.

Chelsie explains the word "frazzled" and I'm thinking third graders could learn a lot of vocabulary words from this episode.  But obviously third graders shouldn't be watching. . .

I mean, are we really paying Chris Harrison to fly to these places just to say "this is the final rose, when you're ready."???  Because I feel like we deserve more hosting for our money. 

And it's Kat that is forced to take a moment and say her goodbyes.

Once again, this post brought to you by Aubrey, Ashely and ME!!! 


  1. i made a note about missing chris harrison but then forgot to mention it on my post. too many other things to say i guess. how do i have so much to say about such dumb stuff?!?

    1. Too much for me to make fun of, that's how my posts get so long. :)

  2. "I'm thinking about eating another dinner just to make up for Andi's missed meal." Oh my gosh, so funny! And we totally thought that them exiting the giant hamster balls looked like they were been birthed too!

    1. And I think it was seafood!! That stuff is expensive. Water in my face or not, I would have been cramming that in my mouth.


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