Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wanna watch the bachelor with me? Week 5

Despite the fact that the previews gave almost everything away, I'm super excited to watch the Bachelor again this week!  If you write a post about it, make sure you link up with us!!  (Us meaning, Ashley, Aubrey and ME!)

Juan says, One of this could be my wife.  Keep those English lessons going, Juannie

Leave it to the Bachelor to make me want to travel to Vietnam.

Holy scarves with tank tops.  I cannot wear scarves (with or without tank tops) because my neck gets SO HOT.  But that is neither here nor there.

1x1 with Renee
Juan Pablo is pushing Renee in a baby stroller.

I think Renee is perfect for JP, but I worry he's going to pick someone more like Sharleen, who wants totally different things out of life than him but is more exciting.  Renee and JP might just be comfortable, but that goes a long way in life once sparks have faded.

For Camilla they got a little dress.  I got almost that same dress in Fiji, so that tells you how authentic it is.

JP says about Renee: She looks good on those dress.

Renee thanks Juan Pab for the dinner, as if he made it.  

Group Date (OR 8 girls and a 1x1 with Clare) 
So they just wander into a random house to eat dinner?  Actually I think they just got hired as day laborers. 

I don't like Kelly for Juan Pablo, but I think she would be a fun girl friend for me!  She's funny. 

Who is this Allie person they just showed talking to the camera???

Adam calls Clare Giada Jr.  I don't think that's very nice to Giada.

Okay, off the wall question.  Do you think they have just one of those little black trays that the rose sits on?  Like maybe someone's job is to pack it up really safely while they travel around the world.  Maybe they have back ups.

Do you know when a baby giraffe is born?  No Clare, no, I don't know about zoo animals giving birth.

1x1 with Nikki 
Nikki's Katniss braid makes her look very young.

Adam thinks the last two standing will be Nikki and Clare.  Well, he says Jessica Simpson and Giada Jr, but I know what he means.

So evidently Nikki wrote "deep dark holes" on the biggest fears section of her bachelor application.

Nikki repeats what generations of bachelorettes have all recited on the show, that going down a deep dark hole is a lot like falling in love. 

When deciding to date someone with a child, Nikki says she really sat down and really thought about it. Really really, really really.

Have you ever stuck your finger in a light socket?  It does not feel like falling in love.  At all.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony
Juan Pablo says he hasn't spoken Spanish in a long time.  If he forgets his Spanish, what on earth will he be left with?

Blah blah blah drama with Clare.  Because I have kids, I'm skipping my opinions on that one.

Nothing makes a moment more awkward than someone pointing out that it's awkward.  That one is on you Cassandra.

Chris Harrison always points out the worst part of the evening and then says "but that's a good thing".  Like if two girls got in a horrible cat fight, he would say, I know how serious you're taking this, and that's a good thing.

Oh my gosh, Renee already has a rose.  I forgot and I was freaking out that he hadn't called her name by the final rose.

Wow, if Juan Pablo is already crying at this point, there will be no escaping the Mesnick!!!

And that is a wrap.

Sleeping with my lap top by my bed so I can read what Ashley and Aubrey wrote first thing in the morning!  (except they don't post at 6am!  Get on it ladies!!)


  1. I love when you mock his English. I crack up so hard!
    What do you think happened between JP and Clare?

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    1. To quote JP (Ashley's husband from season 7) "At the end of this, you actually might have another daughter"

      And I feel kind of bad for mocking his English when I can't speak two languages. . . but it's just so funny!!

  2. Haha, it sounds like I missed an awesome episode!!! :( I'll be watching next week for sure. Date night was just more important this time :P

    1. Date night is important! But Adam secretly loves watching, I know it. ;)

  3. just for you i can start posting at 6am. i always schedule at 7 for no good reason really. i totally meant to comment on the bad english with renee's dress, but i said too much already. i'm starting to get more into this season.

    1. Haha, sometimes I get up at 6am. Yesterday I did not. Plus mine doesn't even post until 7. I am liking the girls more this season than I ever have before. They picked some good ones! I just don't know if Juan Pab deserves them. . .

  4. Can I ditto this entire post? The majority were my thoughts as well. Kelly is turning our to be funnier each week & I'm glad she left the dog in the US.

    1. I hadn't thought of that!! Good call on not traveling to Asia with a dog.


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