Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wanna watch the Bachelor with me? Two in one week!

Ah, the two episode week.  After watching Monday's I think they needed something spicy on Tuesday because they knew it was just. so. boring.   Join Aubrey, Ashely and I in blogging about the crap we willing watch.

There is no way sister eats BBQ regularly and still fits in those jeans.

This date is totally snooze fest.  Can we just get to the family part? 

And the family dinner follows the Bachelor script that has been laid out for them on seasons past. 

Her family calls her "Pookie"???  Gag.

Andi's mom asks JP to bust a move.  I think she wanted Juan Pablo to dance with her, but he asks Andi to come out and dance for her mom. 

I think Andi's dad's advice is totally backwards.  If you have a kid already, they have to be your priority.

I think Juan Pablo needs to step back and give her a moment alone with her son.

I just realized that none of the girls have told JP they loved him!  Which is totally normal in the real world, but not for this show.

"We've been to places where I think anyone could fall in love."  This is the most intelligent sentence to come out of Clare's mouth.

JP: I can't wait to see why you are the way you are.  (WHY ARE YOU CRAZY)

I just do not know who Clare is related to in her family. . .

Rose Ceremony
I'm 99% sure that Renee is going home tonight.  I know that Clare and Andi make it to next week because of the ads, and between Nikki and Renee I think he has a stronger connection with Nikki.  Sadly, I have a stronger connection with Renee, so I'll be sad if I'm correct. 

I'm right.  Dang.  But I love Renee too much to want this for her.

St Lucia
Clare is thinking of not going to the fantasy suite because of the whole "swimming in the ocean" drama.  Haha!  That came back to bite him.

Clare starts talking about meeting Cameeela and suddenly *ding ding ding* now we know Nikki didn't tell any one that she already did!

For the love, can someone edit out the sound of the ocean???  That is all I can hear.

I am so bored I have nothing to say.

Andi tells Juan Pablo "You're easy"  You keep saying that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.  (said in Mandy Patinkin's voice)

Just an aside here, but can you imagine if people were grilled this much about being a parent before they got pregnant???  But I can see how step parenting is different, it's just funny to think about.

Andi is looking so good tonight.

Good for Andi for realizing that she deserves better.  I think so often the girls get blinded by this situation.

What in the world is this girl wearing????   How many occasions can you find to wear an outfit like that?

I hope I walk into my doctor's office and see Nurse Nikki taking care of my babies.  After seeing her in this top.  Yep, I would love that.

Juan Pablo likes to point out when girls are "thinking a lot" and he tries to squash that asap.

I swear Nikki and JP are acting out the exact same scene he had with Clare earlier in the week.

Andi's confrontation
Good to know Chris Harrison is here.  We hardly see him any more, I wondered if he was even coming along for the ride.

Every now and then JP just starts saying words hoping that they're forming a sentence: Love, women, good, feeling.

JP is watching Nikki's video and I'm totally wondering what Andi's video is going to entail.  I hope she just looks and the camera and then walks away.  That would be awesome.

I'm so tired, I rub my eyes.  I just really hope that Adam doesn't think I'm crying.  Because NO.

Andi walks slowly up the hill like she heading to battle.  A battle she's going to fight in a silk shirt and lace shorts.

I laughed so FREAKING hard when Juan Pablo tried to play her game and asked "What is MY religion?"  "Catholic"  And then his face, totally blank.  Awesome.

Andi's exit speech is so hilarious as the back ground to the girls arriving.  

Rose Ceremony
Blah blah blah.

Adam would also like me to point out that he was correct about the final two women left.  I get it, you're a dude, you know what dudes look for in a girl.  

And of course you know, I'm off to check out my girls Aubrey and Ashley!


  1. Yeah, where the heck has Chris Harrison been all season?! Juan was way to up in Little Bennie's face. Back off dude!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    1. Juan Pab was definitely trying to hard with Ben.

  2. Agree with everything haha. Nikki's outfit killed me!!!! And he just kept going off about how it would be better if she weren't wearing pants. He looks more like a pig in every episode!! :P The "What's my religion" part was definitely a highlight though. I cracked up and my husband (who was on the other end of the couch with headphones in watching his own show because he hates The Bachelor) just stared at me, so I had to explain it to him. It was too perfect!!

    1. My husband says he hates the show, but watches it with me anyway. I know he secretly loves it ;)

  3. your post is way better than mine! i had way too much to say about nothing! is this season over yet??? i'm dying and also so done. i have been so close to looking at the spoilers so many times.

    1. I was out of town yesterday and haven't gotten to read any of the blogs yet! I'm so over it too. Only two more weeks right???


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